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This game was an awesome creepypasta inspired game that is so unique and nobody has made a game that even resembles this game. The sound is excellent, the graphics are perfect and feel real, the environment and all the mirrors and everything was so creepy cause you feel like anything could be watching you or about to attack you. This game and any future game from Vidas each month for $1 is definitely worth it. Great job to ScottishGreek for the voice acting. And while I somewhat understand things this is a psychological horror for sure with many questions especially the ending... dont want to spoil it. ;) Check out my playthrough of the game here: Theater Unrest Playthrough

Hi, I just wanted to say since I first found Vidas back when the first Timore game was out I loved his games and he just keeps getting better and better at developing games. This one is amazing and I have my playthrough of it here: Dia Playthrough

A very fun and addictive game! You will find yourself playing it again and again to get a higher score! Just a tip: Hit space bar to go faster and not lose energy! ;)  GREAT GAME!