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i thought it was "daddy dearest"

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just to clarify, will it be emailed to the email from my account, or the paypal one? (i used my dads paypal account) (and yes my dad did allow it)

3RD (Completed) Run!

i have a couple of questions

1. how do i get the steam key when it releases

2. i heard something about the people who bought the pre-order getting a special thanks?, if so, how do i send my name?

My 2nd Run

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My first speedrun!

this is a cool game

can you make more levels please

this is very cool (i might speedrun it)

huh, i never realized that

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"Make it threw the three shifts of the day"
ah yes threw
(the correct spelling is through)

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yeah, it's like giving a group, flyers instead of 1 person

they ded

i beat the entire game without firing a single gun

just above the comment section