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I realized it did the same thing for the Select Item event command, where no matter what with LunaEngine on there will only ever be 1 column, no matter what you do.

I have a feeling if there was ever a yml created for Window_EventItem (Select Item event command window) then both problems would be solved. I have no idea how to go about doing that though.

Edit: I looked through both EventItem and MapSelectSkill again and realized it all takes place on the map scene, so I opened up SceneMap.yml and copy/pasted the Message portion of the yml, changing the name of Message to MapSelectSkill, added columns and - MapSelectSkill to the MainLayout, and it actually works! 

That makes me feel so much better, and it gives me some insight into adding more customization to my game. Thanks for the engine, btw. If someone ever has the same problem, hopefully they stumble upon this message.

Just finished trying it on a new project and Luna Engine base, and the same thing happened both times, even when LunaEngine and MapSelectSkill are the only two plugins.

Hello, when using YEP_MapSelectSkill and the Luna Engine together, for some reason no matter what number you set for max columns in YEP_MapSelectSkill, it will always be 1. When I turn off Luna Engine from the plugin manager, the specified number of columns from the MapSelectSkill plugin actually take place.

Basically with Luna Engine ON it looks like this:

And OFF it looks how I am intending it to:

Doesn't matter whether or not I place either plugin over or under one another. With how Luna Engine.js looks on Notepad++, it'll be Hell trying to figure out what the conflict is.