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Somehow I dodged the stalker in my playthrough but another well made game by Rayll.  Can't wait for the next one!

Hey Danielle thanks for reaching out! Tried your game but didn't realize there's updates on it, might check on it another time. Game was a bit strange and abstract but interesting nonetheless!

Game starts @ 03:59 .

Actually enjoyed the game since it plays on that fear of being followed alone at night.

Game starts out @ 02:18 .

Kind of wish there's was an indicator to stand on the stairs to be honest. Had to look it up on the page to find out I needed to stand on the stairs.

Game starts @00:17.

Although it was short, sometimes its worth not being the good Samaritan.

I wasn't too fond of the collecting  samples bit because it reminded me of playing mass effect 1. A bit tedious and boring. But other than that, the scuttling noises freak me out.

enjoyed the concept despite the fact it was frustrating

Game starts @03:14

Interesting concept for a horror game. Being in perspective of someone with stalker tendencies. Pretty creepy indeed...

Game starts @01:58

Mowed the lawn, would do again 5/5. Minus Bob being in my yard for some reason...

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Game starts @00:12

some things are better off just not knowing ....

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to be honest that song was pretty catchy, overall loved PK's comeback.

I never got around to playing the demo months ago but since they released the director's cut I decided to give this a go! I enjoyed it despite the fact I only went for 3 of the 7 endings.

interesting concept for a horror game, though the ending is a bit weak.

lesson here, never help a child...

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Sure it ain't poop killer but is just as enjoyable! Though I did have fps go down for some reason during that chase scene but still manage to make it funny.

I'd hope this worker is getting paid well to work in a place like this...

Game was pretty enjoyable!  Though kept dying in the cornfield part since the aliens blend in too well.

No problem, I enjoyed the last game(Alone in Hell) you made. I'd say it seems like you improved from the last game!

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Game starts @ 04:53.

Although I do tend to joke in my playthroughs, I like the fact that we are in the perspective of a person who's seems to be suffering from some sort of night terrors. That's what I can gather from. 

Although the keys at the end was a bit tedious in my opinion. I know it has some symbolic meaning but it tested my patience a bit.

Overall good game! Keep up the good work!

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Game starts @ 00:00.

This kind of game proves that you don't need fancy monsters or jumpscares for a game to be scary. Just use the human brain to do it for you.

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Game starts at  @ 00:00.

This feels like hell... and I like it! 

It took me 2 full days to realize that romut actually is tumor backwards....

Anyways game was great and the atmosphere spooked me pretty bad! Good job!

Despite my insides burning from the pepper, I give this a 5/5 for the spiciness.

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Harry becomes poop killer's sensei...

give it a 10/10 for the jumpscare, also pizza is delicious.

things that scare me

  • dolls
  • mannequins
  • creepy children in a horror setting

Overall, I enjoyed the game and it reminded me of RE7 for a moment.

that change from 2D and wholesome lamu to 3D slenderman lamu... freaked me out. Especially knowing what happened with the banana dog.

I also did not realize the hands behind the tree was actually our main character. Only realized it after playing the game.

one of the few games that gets my paranoia on edge... 

Forget avengers endgame... this trilogy is where its at! 

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Kept throwing the meat in the trash... I think that's why the butcher came after me for wasting meat...

I give this a 5/5, this is peak storytelling.

I like the creepiness of this game.

This felt like I entered into a lucid dream gone wrong...

Game starts @ 3:30.

Knew something was off as soon I saw the cross and the door boarded up.

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Game starts @ 0:00

Sleep deprivation is one hell of a monster, especially late at night.

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I love the art and aesthetics of this game. Also I like these choices-types of games and how it effects how you deal with the characters in the game. I'm curious what you will do with the next part of the game! Good job!

Game is a masterpiece! A Da Vinci's work of A R T ... but for reals game was good and hilarious. 

This game was amazing and it is very well written. It had the right tension and had me on edge. About that ending... I'm itchin to know what happened! Anyways I hope to see more  games from you!