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Fun game ! One question do you have your graphic sheets of your game ? (png or fpeg )  of the characters and the arenas . I would port it to a retrocomputer with your credits of course . The idea and game play is smart!

Thanks a lot 👍🏻

Thanks ! :)

Thanks for the effort and well done to you and participants !

Merci à toi pour le retour :) !

got it , and I also seen this info on Amstradiens at first ;)

you’re welcome @Playonretro , it deserve it for your great work . Congrats again to S. Cantero & A. Perez !    And thanks for the kind words @ckaloc20022023 :)

Congrats for this Basic CPC game ! Dive in memories about original game in family , well done

good job ! and addictive :)

Yes it will be available on the Zip pack soon , with the Brundij loading screen included . Cyrille Ayor61 just did it , and will be added very soon

Merci pour y avoir joué ! Et tu as du voir l’écran de fin :)

thanks a lot for playing ! Much appreciated :)

thanks ! And the celebration version with some adds will come very soon ( this week :) )

thanks :) ! Yes , but an enhanced and more expanded version will come very soon ;)

thanks a lot!!  , yes , will come very soon ;)

Thanks ! :)

Thanks a lot ! 

Thanks for playing !! :)

No,not first time cpc coder .

Thanks for playing !

nice job 👍🏻 

good production and work !

GTA like on CPC , good idea and well done :)

trailer looks promising ! Again a nice work is coming from leoSoft , cool

nice design , cool game

smart one , and need skills ! cool

great work , nice atmosphere , well done !

Nice one

fun one , well done 

fun game , well done !

Fun !

hey! Muchas gracias ! :)

Gracias :)

Hi ! it's on line just right now ;)

cool , well done !

Thanks , well , just a Basic Locomotive game in my side but hope that entertain some passionates

Thanks ! An Amstrad CPC Basic Locomotive in my side , hope you will enjoy :)