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I had first heard of and seen gameplay for Forager from the YouTuber known as Mr. Fruit, and when I picked it up a month ago, I absolutely enjoyed playing it! Even now I still have one world where I'm very slowly unlocking everything and experiencing everything the teaser demo has to offer. It's such a nostalgia filled game, mixing elements from Terraria and Minecraft while making it colourful and pleasing to the eye. Absolutely enjoyed playing it and would love to play the full version to experience the RPG aspects!

If I could make a suggestion, (If it isn't already being implemented into the full version that is.) a way to store items would be amazing. Like a chest or a backpack or some kind of storage building or item. The only irritation I kept coming across was that I was constantly running out of space for things, and panicked at the thought that the dropped items may disappear after a while.

'Side from that, brilliant game, highly anticipating the full release!

After another session, I've definitely been enjoying reading the novel, it has an amazing story and I really like the characters! (I already like Kreita, Cimaria and Rett.) Although I already missed the Voice Acting after it stopped after a few moments into the game, I enjoyed Merona's Voice Actress. Great game, definitely going to keep reading! ^_^

Woah... Out of the 11 minutes of playtime I've spent, I'm already hooked on this novel! I already started getting attached to the first character and the story is so catching and amazing! I'll definitely clock more time into playing, this looks really fun and moving, I can already tell I'm going to enjoy reading and listening along!

A really awesome game! I love the art-style and it's really simple to get into and understand all the mechanics and such. I've found that once you scale up in difficulty, the rate of the oppositions production gears up which really makes you consider whether to go for a early rush or hang back and set up your economy. A awesome game, and would love to see more features/maps added in! Maybe even some maps with more than two players?