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Omg..  I wasn't expecting to actually cry reading this. The forest scene was so good, I had my suspicions but it was a surprise nonetheless. Dallan was already my favorite character, but now I love him even more.

Thx for the update it was really well written. I like how their relationship is developing, can't wait for his chapter 2.

Also, he's up there in the good boy list alongside Amicus and Spencer now, such a pure bean❤️.

I'm still waiting for this game to come back. It has potential. I hope the creator is ok.

This VN is awesome. Toast is my favorite character, he's such a cute himbo. I just wish we could hug him tho, he deserves it. 

Omg I can't believe I'm thirsting over another character that probably tried to kill me,  and will most likely do it again. 

Why did you make 𝘩𝘪𝘮 that hot?!

Help.... I'm severely in love with Seth  ಥ‿ಥ

Goddamn .. that was frustrating

I hope Lance sleeps well tonight, knowing he just sent Cyrus to a party where he's going to be the pinata.

Cant wait for chapter 2.

Why must you break my heart like this Matt?

He was my favorite AAAAA

I don't rlly care how long it takes to update, as long as it doesn't turn into Blackgate ou Afterclass

Omg I can almost feel a heartbreaking goodbye at the end when Ethan realizes Iroko will have to erase his memories.

Basket plz, just give Alex a route or at least a special episode where we can date him. He's too hot to be only a side character T.T

Nik route is killing me aaaaa 

Also, if Yao dies, we riot