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Raye E. Green

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Whoa, this was very spooky... Love this!!

Really interesting, love this game!

So cute and wholesome! Love how it has cutscene endings!

Haha this was so fun!! I love it!

Wow, what a fun experience! I love this!

Such a wonderful narrative. This is both heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time.. Loved this so much

Ah, what a wonderful game! So wholesome and fun, this is incredible!

Such a cute game, loving this so much!!

Wow, this was fantastic! Loved it haha!

Didn't expect it to be this spooky! I love the gameplay in this.. Really makes it seem like you're really watching a legit stream. Love this game!

Wow, this really puts in perspective... Very interesting, I love it!!

Aaa very intriguing and mysterious, loved it!! Not to mention the art is beautiful too :)

This is such a great game, I love every aspect of this! The atmosphere was really well done and the scares always caught me off guard haha! The only criticism I got about this, was that it's always kind of laggy every time I would enter a dialogue scene or when I'm walking. Though, of course, I don't know if it was a stylistic choice or if my laptop was lagging :b Stil, great game tho! Looking forward for chapter 2! :)

Done! ^^

It's wonderful! Can't wait for the full game to release!