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Hey, big fan here - had to put the game down for a few months because life got busy but picked it up recently and am loving it even more than before!

I am unsure if this has been addressed before - so forgive me if it has, but I noticed a game-crashing bug in a recent playthrough. After forming a marriage of flesh, navigating the game would occasionally freeze with an error message regarding failure loading images pertaining to the marriage? It happened a few times throughout the dungeon before my character model vanished and became invisible. Finally, at a first attempt in the mines to join the cannibals, this appeared, causing me to restart the game.

Let me know if you need any more information - otherwise, thanks so much for such an awesome, affordable game. This is really something you should be quite proud of - you've done such an excellent job!

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This game is fantastic - you should be very proud! The 50/50 coin flips and rare saves can be frustrating, but that just makes all of the little victories even more rewarding! 

I have noticed what I think happens to be a very minor bug - in my most recent run, I obtained a stick, a pinecone, and the "Pinecone Pig Instructions" but no additional item appeared in my crafting menu and I was unable to make a Pinecone Pig. However, I could very well be missing something - is there a crafting table in game? Or perhaps a third item necessary? I am playing as the Dark Mage, if his restrictions have anything to do with it.

*UPDATE: No bug! It was a silly mistake on my part - I only looked in Craft Items when it was under Craft Armor! Sorry about that!

I have yet to finish the game - I'm keeping away from most walkthroughs and wiki pages to keep things engaging and fresh for me. Which is really both a blessing and a curse because my progress seems to be SO SLOW - but it's worth it,

I would really love to hear more about what inspired this game - I am just fascinated by the lore and monster/creature designs!

Anyway - thanks so much for making this game, you can tell a lot of love and labor went into this project and it's just  absolutely fantastic!