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This. Is. Awesome!!!!! The atmosphere here is great, and as other people have said, this art style definitely has great potential!

Beautiful! Very vibrant and alive,  love it!

This really reminds me of some of the tiles from Metroid: Zero Mission. It looks great,  good job!

This looks great! It projects those claustrophobic and unknown feelings that I love oh-so-much in caves. 

Looks great! It always amazes me when artists can pack so much atmosphere into 16x16 tiles.  Great job :)

 This looks awesome,  very lush and alive! The character's personality makes the jungle feel particularly calm and peaceful :)

Looks very well put together! Hopefully we continue to see more art from you :)

Looks awesome! Great work :)

Alien tile sets are some of my favorites! Just imagine Samus exploring this place,  it would totally fit :) anyways,  great job!

Looks amazing,  keep up the great art!

Love the feel of this set, very cool!

Ewwwwwww grooooossss!! (I mean that in the best way) looks awesome,  great job!

Wow, you got soooo much mileage out of 8x8! Kudos to your efficiency,  well done.

What a gorgeous tile set! This would be right at home in a Hollow Knight expansion! Thanks for the wonderful creation :)

Great work! I'll be using these to save myself tons of time trying to create and animate every single creature in my game XD

Your aesthetic here is great! All the animations are good but I'm particularly fond of the dash. Thanks for bringing us this!

Great work! The player character sorta reminds me of a cross between the hollow knight main character and Vivi from final fantasy 9.