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Ray Chan

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super super cute! Still haven't played it yet but I plan on it :D

Cuuuuuuute! I may have to do a video on this :)

I had a lot of fun with this game and enjoyed the references and callbacks to classic horror movies and games but omg that boss fight made me rage! XD 

I still can't get over how scared that monster made me at first XD on point!

Junji Ito inspiration? :D I'm thinking about making a vid on this game ^^ pretty excited

totally fair and understandable :D if u ever wanna hop in and help out in any degree lemme know ^^ even if it's just for fun or something haha. Thanks! You too :D all the luck for your project 

also i'll be making a lp video on your game bc it's pretty dang cool ^^

super impressed with how you got the game to look and the gameplay is rather fluid too! I'm reviving my old MMO project "OmuniOnline" now renamed "Omuni Reborn" and looking for devs to join in on their free time until we ramp up with funding and stuff :D It'd be awesome to have you! If you have discord, feel free to add me. Ray Noodle#8256

please make an online version of this :O 

I legit REALLY liked this game. I've been looking ALL OVER for free multiplayer horror games to record with friends and most have been so bad. This was a really fresh change for me :D 

I got a little further to the next game from getting an email back etc. This is super cool! I did a vid on the first update and now here's the new stuff in a vid! 

No problem :D And thank you! The game was great hahaI love games like this

This game was so unsettling and neat! Great job :D I made a video on the game as well.

I made a vid on this and went a little beyond where I thought the game would let me go. This was super cool! (The video just went live)

made a video. this game was hard XD

I love this game! I made a video doing a blind playthrough of it and fell in love. I wish it was longer though ^^

please make this for windows XD it seems so funny I'd like to make a video on it.

I tried to record this for my youtube channel but for some reason i cannot pick up the pages. I used every button and read the comments but nothing works. :/ Otherwise this was awesome ^^

I made a video about this and had fun ^^ 

Ou! Thanks for the reply ^^ I loved the game for sure. I can't wait to see more :D

I did a video on this game. I love it! 

I did a video on this game as well as the first! I hope everyone enjoys :D I cannot wait for the 3rd part!

I did a video on this game and will be releasing one on the second game tomorrow :D This was a lot of fun and I think you'll enjoy my edits and stupidity.

:( awhhh dang it.

PLEASE make this online multiplayer.

Online multiplayer please :D

Any chance for online multiplayer?

is there a way to record the vr view? all i've seen is able to record camera but not first person like what i'd be seeing. Is there a way to select view first person or 3rd person for video purposes? in your gifs here on the page it's in first person but the game is in 3rd o,o

does this work with the vive?

any vive support coming? :)

I did a video on this game ^^ I got a little confused but had a blast playing it! I hope you enjoy :D