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Cool to know you still participating nwn 💕

Like I said, is for a problem when I upload all, now you can hear all the songs n.n

There's a problem with the upload because I upload all in the last second, I talk with the organizers and this error is fixed, you can listen the songs now :)

I'm trying to use the program in my pc but stills like that

Made a version of this tracker for android please :3

Really cool work <3

I love it :3

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Yeah, in the page of the jam says you can make all the songs you want, 30, 27, 5 or only 1 song, it's okey :)

Any style you want, there's no limitation un that :)

Toa shikita toa gamebonita <3 (? xd

yeah, i want too xd

Ignore this and make the games anyway, just upload the game in some place where nintendo don't see it xd

This is an amazing proyect
If you make the secuencer please make an android version :3

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Una aclaracion:

PICO-8 no es gratis, pero es una buena alternativa.

Despues tambien esta  GB Studio, para hacer juegos para game boy.

really cool, you can upload your proyect to study

AHHHHHH esos niveles de globos xd

Muy piola, mis felicitaciones al chef (?

The EP Jam is every 3 months, the next one will be in July or August, I'm not sure yet, but you can go checking in the jams tab ;)

I also told you that I organized another music event called Songtember, which takes place in September and lasts all month.

Songtember community · Created a new topic Social Network

Hi, this is the 3rd year of the event, and some new and awesome things come this year :D

If you want to know about it follow the event in Instagram or twitter.

DISCLAIMER: The account of twitter is blocked because I made a mistake and I waiting for twitter moderators to give me back the account :B

So, there's no twitter for now, sorry </3

But, you can use the hashtag and I see and RT all the things you post in my personal account n.n


Hola, esta es la tercera edicion del evento aca en, y este año se vienen cosas nuevas y algunas sorpresas ;3

Si queres estar al tanto seguinos en el perfil de Instagram o en twitter.

FE DE ERRATAS: Por una macana que me mande al crear la cuenta de twitter me bloquearon porque pensaron que era un bot o algo asi, asi que por el momento no hay cuenta de twitter, disculpen </3

Pero si usan el hashtag del evento yo voy a retwitear todo lo que compartan en mi cuenta personal n.n


I love the atmosphere in the album <3

And yes, it is short, but very beautiful and relaxing.

Maybe you could continue this idea and working on creating an ambiental music album with this aesthetic :)

Listen this album, maybe inspire you ;)

Use deflemask to compose and export to .mod

I interested in a tutorial to make a tracker with your program :)

Besto Review haha

Don't worry mate, there are so many Jam's incoming nwn

Thanks for listening <3

I have a question about the transparency hack.

Is there a way to make the sprite only have no transparency?

This is amazing dude. I love it <3

You have a profile in soundcloud, bandcamp or other platform?

what hack use for the movement of the player?

Very cool bro XD

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Really cool stuff.
I love the loop "Last try 1". Simple and lovely, and the use of the metronome like a drum <3

Really amaizing :D

The music has copyright.

Send me a PM to my instagram account (@diario_mental) and we talk about the use for your proyect :)


The song o'clock is so beutiful

Thanks nwn

Gracias che :)

Si, utilizo el mismo sistema para todo lo que hago en bitsy jaja

Como para mantener una estructura

Very cool but, you can put the game for play it in the browser directly in the page :)

WTF man, all the games in this jam there are made only with bitsy, not other program haha

PS: the game is good, but very hard