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yeah, the theme here is optional, use whatever you want n.n

hey man, tell me the idea for discord or mail, my mail is


What do you think about this?

If need some other song or any change contact me for Discord or mail:

yeah bro, talk with me in discord

My tag is #8106

tell me your idea for the game and i give you some songs ;)

nothing that google translator can fix (? XD

I want to make a english version and pulish some details when I have time haha

Thanks! nwn

Hello, I want to join the jam, but for lack of time I can not make any game.

If you need some music for your game, I can help with that :)
I leave some links if you want to see my work n.n

sorry if I do not explain it correctly


You have to upload the songs one by one (or in a .zip file) and upload it to somewhere like youtube, soundcloud or bandcamp to listen to it

you can try put repeated frames

My work here is done (? XD

You are my hero dude, you complete de challenge haha

Congratulations ( n.n)b

Hey, thanks nwn

The way to upload your songs to the event is:

  • Send your song to SoundCloud or any platform that allows you to listen to your song without downloading it
  • load your song to itchio, and select the option that shows several options, among which you can choose soundtrack, audio assets or others.
  • then in the description of your file place the link to the song on the platform you have chosen. And ready n.n

And for the mp3 file, you can upload the files in mp3 or wav or whatever you want, and you will be able to download.

Thank you for joining and participating nwn

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Haha yeah, no problem nwn.

You can upload songs for the past days even if you want :).

And you can upload all the songs you want nwn

Songtember community · Created a new topic First post

Ok guys, tomorrow is the day :D

This post is simply to remember and comment some things:

  • Upload the song to itchio or to another social network such as soundcloud or the one they use.
  • Discuss the songs you are listening to, to generate a good creative environment and thus be able to improve each one
  • Any questions or queries can be made in this topic or creating a new one

And the most important:

  • Have Fun ;)

The good pizza... Or the bad pizza? haha

Thanks for playing ( n.n)b

I love this game <3

ha ha thanks man nwn
I look forward to the next tune jam, it was very entertaining <3

thanks bro ( nwn)b

What Bitsy hacks did you use to place more than 3 colors per screen

Cube Run community · Created a new topic The rules?

The theme?

Perfect, thanks. :)

Perfect haha
I had that doubt to see if I could participate XD
I see you on JAM day :)

Which are the rules?

Which is the theme?


I can use other programs to make the game (respecting the maximum resolution) or only the aforementioned programs can be used?

How can I run the software on raspberry PI?

I just have to put it in a micro SD memory or do I need something else?

yeah haha, my idea was to make several songs that appear at specific moments of the game so that it is not monotonous, but for lack of time to understand bitsymuse, I decided to put only that song alone haha.

Thanks for playing ( n.n)b

I had forgotten about the objects completely XD

Thank you very much for your help nwn

I saw several games in which a pj is walking and in its path leaves a trail of footprints. I wanted to know how it can be done, since the only idea that comes to my mind is to make the pj move from map to map, thus leaving a route, but for the project I have in mind it is too complex.

Vi varios juegos en los que un pj se encuentra caminando y a su paso deja un recorrido de huellas de sus pies. Queria saber como se puede hacer, ya que la unica idea que se me viene a la mente es hacer que el pj se traslade de mapa en mapa dejando de esta forma un recorrido, pero para el proyecto que tengo en mente es demasiado complejo.

I try to convence some friends to join to this JAM haha