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I love the atmosphere in the album <3

And yes, it is short, but very beautiful and relaxing.

Maybe you could continue this idea and working on creating an ambiental music album with this aesthetic :)

Listen this album, maybe inspire you ;)

Use deflemask to compose and export to .mod

I interested in a tutorial to make a tracker with your program :)

Besto Review haha

Don't worry mate, there are so many Jam's incoming nwn

Thanks for listening <3

I have a question about the transparency hack.

Is there a way to make the sprite only have no transparency?

I have a question about the transparency hack.

Is there a way to make the sprite only have no transparency?

This is amazing dude. I love it <3

You have a profile in soundcloud, bandcamp or other platform?

what hack use for the movement of the player?

Very cool bro XD

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Really cool stuff.
I love the loop "Last try 1". Simple and lovely, and the use of the metronome like a drum <3

Really amaizing :D

The music has copyright.

Send me a PM to my instagram account (@diario_mental) and we talk about the use for your proyect :)

at the moment there is no executable version of bitsy

the most viable option is to download the itchio desktop application and download the html bitsy file and use it from there


The song o'clock is so beutiful

Thanks nwn

Gracias che :)

Si, utilizo el mismo sistema para todo lo que hago en bitsy jaja

Como para mantener una estructura

with hacks you can make that, search borsky

Very cool but, you can put the game for play it in the browser directly in the page :)

WTF man, all the games in this jam there are made only with bitsy, not other program haha

PS: the game is good, but very hard

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The Studies of my career F#ck me and i cant make all the songs i want to make. But, i make more than the last year so... Maybe I win (? haha

hey, the 2nd link is wrong when you click it haha

don't worry mate n.n

maybe all have the same problem XD

thanks nwn

Well, every 3 months I make another jam called EPJam, this is a little bit sadder even than Songtember in a way haha, because the idea is to make an EP of 2 to 6 songs in a week. If you are not consumed by the songtember, you should participate XD

If I'm not mistaken, for November / December it will be the next EPJam nwn

listen to the first, second and third edition if you want :3

me too haha, use whattodraw to have some ideas for cover art nwn

PD: Cool song :)

This is the playlist of the event, this is continually actualized.

If your song is not here, please give a link and ill put it :)

Now the are a discord server <3

Some people asked about a discord server so, @toni leys made a discord server called "Toni's Cafe" where you can talk about different issues with respect to everything that involves composing and others, within it a chat was created where things will be talked about the songtember, either sharing our creations, such as making inquiries regarding instruments, programs, or even a featuring if you wish so :)
You can join it, clicking the following link :D

Toni's Cafe

Look the tutorial in the community section to know how to paste the link in the page :)


the 2nd day is amaizing, Ill wait for the rest of your songs :)


Look the tutorial in the community section to know how to put the link in the page :)



I share you how to make a embed link of soundcloud here in

1. Clic in share (or compartir in this case)

2. Clic in embed

3. Select the visual and copy the code

4. Paste the code in the description of your page and save.

I try to make some videos for the songtember instagram with all the participations, and some songs are blocked the downloads, please give me a link to download and edit for put some content in IG

Put the downloads or send me a link to the songtember IG Please.

Thanks <3

I'm going to be honest, I don't use twitter so much anymore and it's like I hardly pay attention to that social network haha

Although, I could make the account and index it to IG, but I would not be aware of the answers.

yeah, as long as the songs have been composed in September you can upload the songs to this jam, and with respect to using them outside this jam, it is also valid as long as you are the one who composed them or you have the permission of who composed them (in this case the first option)

Hey, if you have instagram I post some of your past tunes in the songtember account :)

BRO, ill waiting for your participation this year too <3

I want to see and hear all your beauty tunes this songtember :D

Very cool setup mate :D

Try use nanoloop, it's simple and really cool soft to make songs :)

no, for the moment i don't make a discord server for the event, because we have the comunity of the event here haha

But, is a cool idea make a server :)

maybe I make one today :3