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Wow, I'm really impressed that you used godot and created best horror environment, additionally level design and sounds selection is very well. 

Wow, can't wait for full game, smooth combat and really liked  FPS + VSH horror combination.

Thanks for playing

Thanks, I glad you liked the monster

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Thanks for playing , Edit : I already played and enjoyed

Wow!, this game I'm personally big fan of space and horror game and you combined both and created something  I like. I gonna play this game again at night. Nice to see many people are using Godot make making games here.

It's very good 2D game, one thing I liked most is pretty much everything was interactive and the art-style of the game was also good, Additionally I loved that jumping game, I tried to complete  it, but it was very hard for me 😂. but I would like to see what's comes next.

Very cute little narrative game 💖

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This game surely giving ps1 vibe and I have no words to express atmosphere as other people said it was very good perfectly fitting with the gameplay and sounds. as a feedback I can say I did face some issues with combat but it didn't affect my gameplay. 👍🏻

Nice little cute game, and enjoyed the story. thing I liked the most is level design of the game. Also, one thing I noticed: I was able to drag and drop enemies sometimes it was fun feature or bug but overall I enjoy this game 🤗. 

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Thanks for commenting, and wait for 1.3 Version it gonna be out with storyline and new monster :) probably gonna release it before the deadline. once again thank you.

and here is your questions answers:

1) Did i enjoy the jam? > Yes, absolutely ( it keep me motivated to work on this project)

2) Engine and How much time i spent in game dev? for this game I spent around 10 days in total and I used Unity Engine, also I have been developing 2D fun projects for last 2 years, but recently started to focus 3D game (mostly horror).  

Aww, Thank you for playing Gilded Darkness, and Yes your are correct about stone placements I actually reworked on some part of the map and extended little bit with new UI which gonna be updated before deadline <3

Amazing game, Really liked the way you put story and the level, additionally it was truly scared me with the j-s and voices. overall this is a great game.

Good Game, that chasing music really scared me 😅. 

keep it up 👌

Thanks, for playing 😄

Thanks for playing, and I would think about it once I done with my  projects.

Thanks, I appreciate your feedback and gameplay 🙂.

Thanks for playing. After getting the artifact, you need to find a red key for 2nd door. it's in the same hall where artifact is placed.

Very nice superhero game, the way you used pixel-model in 3D game is quite good and the background music selection is also good. nice work 

Nice, I liked the concept of controlling target instead of shooting. and seems like it's turned out very well, although jumping was too shaky but Idk it was intentionally or not but I liked that. and visually game is looking very cool. nice job  

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It's very nice game to practice basic console commands and typing. Your idea is brilliant that you've connect console and order system together. 

I played the game in unity editor I like the way player jumps and you really organize your project files in good way liked that. 

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Nice game lol, spoiler alert: I really liked the idea about the baby can craw through holes and gown ups can flip over and destroy everything with special power music.
very fun game.

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Cool, I like the crispy fire sound with nice visuals and the game's lighting and atmosphere makes me chill. wellmade 

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Omg, your game is so unique very nice concept, I the manual pdf seems very fun hopefully I'll play this with* my brother soon. also, I don't thing it's need but you can make a video to showcase your game that's how you can show people and understand how cool your game is. 

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Very well designed name, and the story telling is awesome but it's very sad story which I like it. However I can see some balancing issue but you already mentioned that in other's comments so it's nice. This game already looking so great nice work.

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Visually game is looking so horror and all that voice line and sound you added is very scary too specially the speaking doll and also the tree * scared me once when I saw him 1st time lol. 

I want to play the game, but I think you uploaded project file instead of actual build but you can still upload the build.

cute little puzzle game and also love the old-school art style with music. #verynice

This is so good, I liked basically everything about this game. I wonder what actually boss was doing in the room lol. 

Very addictive game, I love playing tricky levels.

Cool game, nice concept of Irons to unlock upgrades. well made

Very juicy game! love it

Very motivational game, Love music and gameplay :) 

Very nice game.

Very smooth game, very attractive old-school art style + audio and gameplay is very good. I Enjoyed :)

Stunning Game!, I really like the old-school pixel game, and the levels difficulty curve that increases with new enemies with their different properties. art-style and sounds are also good as well. Overall very nice game. 

Nice game, art style, motivational music with voice clips that's game more fun and engaging and the story you added in the beginning of the game is very good overall despite of time-limit you did really well. 

Nice game, I like the simple art style and love the gameplay as well + nice music style. well made 

Awesome, I really enjoy this type of running game where you can see obstacles spawns at run-time by enemies. Idea is cool and despite of the time limit that we have I think you did really good.