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next update

oh my god do you relly want to run ?

I finished the game i wasn't fucked once

what happen when he sees you ?

this is hott

how can they fuck me i tried many times : (

i want to be a pornstar after watching this

i'm sorry i keep losing in purpose *sigh*

i want this to happen to me

Nice game 5 stars, there should be an online multiplayer for it <3

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Nice for a starter, i think you should add a story to the game, like how did you get in the dungeon ?, and why are you there ?, the hero does seem like he came in there willingly and he dress up like a knight, there should be his princess or queen have been taken by monsters maybe his loved one, maybe a little romance at the game's ending to sweeten the pot, i gave you 5 stars i know you'd love appreciation, i'm from saudi arabia and sorry for my english i like this game.

مُحزن أن قنوات الأخبار تستخدم نفس الطرائق بالحقيقة لنشر الفتنة، هذي لعبة تعليمية أكثر من لعبة تسلية... 3/>ـ

" everything is fine. Everything is ok. Everything is good. They will talk to you soon and we will sort this out. This will feel better soon. " really some guys think women are commodity or objects that they do whatever they want with, then they could just move on with it, and if the woman reject they tell her she's not thinking straight and she's sad and miserable. </3

is there a win ?

it is funny game, but not the ending you'd expect.

Nice, 5 stars

Nice 5 Stars.

keep going, we love your game <3

Nice and simple.

Nice, it work fine for me.

i like it, there was sad moments and  happy ones, i even started to hate pelenor.

nice, story rich, i want the end </3