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You could just play it from the web. Don't think it would be any different from downloading it.

A simple yet an enjoyable game. I love the way to explore into the story.

I think the bittersweet ending is when Shion was brought back and afterward nothing happened. For both it's the same, I've tried. I may be wrong but then here shouldn't be other ending than that.

At first, I was very confused how sudden it ends and maybe it's a type of bug.

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I just love everything about it.They all just so unique and you made them amazingly well. My favourite gotta still be Haruto, not because how he is from first impression and all but spending time with him before I knew it I just loves him so much lmao. I love how Ren can be and how other plots are planned that I find funny and slowly killing me (loving it though). Really enjoyed it. Would recommend.

Also, I notice many people would want a romance route with Sora but tbh I think it's fine the way it is. I think it's nice Sora is like just the buddy-buddy to Ren. Haruto is homosexual, Kazuya is bisexual and Sora is obviously heterosexual. He could like Ren just for exception but then poor Ami she don't have Sora anymore. Either way, I'm fine whichever path it will takes but I'm just fine with how it is so my opinion, things are good as they are but deciding on making one for Sora is fine as well.

First of all I enjoyed this very much. There's a part that makes me cry though lmao. 

Also I'm trying to unlock achievement 1 and the CG I'm missing. Is there's a way you could tell me to get them?

It's actually pretty good. I can see it got some deep meaning behind some dialogue.

It's fun and all with the relatable stuffs such as sibling problem but, when you complete an ending the achievement on Steam doesn't showed up at all. I'm the type to collect achievement but not being able to is suck. I saw some others having this problem as well so it's not just me, please fix this or give me any advice to fix it.

Greatly appreciate it.

I also got that, I got no idea what to do.

Not sure, but one day it will.

It's a demo for now.

Also, she got a family emergency so that delayed the game quite a bit.

Yes, it will. She just underestimate how much work it'll be covered and now currently hired someone to help the game pace a bit faster.

Now this is something. I would recommend anyone who's scrolling down the comments, after playing the first game ofc. It's very enjoyable and twisted. Can be confused at times but you'll figured out soon enough how to get the true ending. If you really want to know how to get one u can search it up or just scroll down the comments bc there's somewhere there u can find out. I've really enjoyed this

Bubbly and cute MC with a bit twisted mind which I love it. The game is so cute and fun. I also love the art.

It's a very simple story with a background story pretty similar to the original anime. The way anime act is similar as well and it's very enjoyable.

Not bad. It's nice and short and fun to play. I like the little mini games.

I'm not the type who like to play demo bc it's makes me wanting the full game and I'll spend all day thinking about it. I'm more of the type who play it in one go. I'll definitely play it when the full release is out c:

Also, your welcome.

I've finished it and it was so good that I can't describe it. I would be looking forward to your future work! You do such an amazing stories that captivated me so much. I wish there's plenty of vn just like yours. I think I fall in love with your work ever since I played Magical Otoge Ciel which was played long time ago. Idk when. Time sure flies. Anyway, I've been saving up this game until I had the time to just played it in one go. Keep up and do what you love <3

Also, Seihuo is killing me. I can't stop laughing.

Anyone scrolling down the comment I highly recommend to try out. Before Magical Otoge Ciel, ofc.

Is this not going to be released in Steam? Just asking.

Thank you very much for replying, and it's all good now for the spoilers.

Is it because the Developer is unknown? 

If it is, just right click the app and click open, it'll confirm are you sure and may need your mac password account. 

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Ok, how should I say this. The menu of the game is nice and I have an issue that end up me unable to play this game. Since I'm on mac I use the website and everything's is alright until I get into the game. Some text just speed up and went to the next one without any chance for me to read. After I choose the first decision it gave me, the whole game just went crazy. The text sped up and kinda end up crashed the game. I did tried few times again but it end in the same result. Is there's any ways you can fix it?