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Hey I listened to the samples and if i purchase it, i won't get that rain sound in the bg right?

uhh, why are all the comments deleted..... 


Amazing Asset


honestly its a very awesome game, wish more games had this kind of mechanic


absolutely beautiful texture and asset. Keep up the good work

hey i really like your project, is there any way to import the file into unity itself?

Amazing Asset, the details, and the coloring are on point. Assets like these are usually pay to download but knowing that this is free is quite a nice addition

Amazing worK! i donated.

Chad Music

sick as fuck. good job brah

really appreciate your work. good job




Amazing stuff , keep it up!!!

This is an amazing asset plus it's free. I can't thank the owner enough for creating this. I donated.

amazing shit

amazing game , recommend it 10/10

amazing asset

amazing asset , loved it

Hey there, thanks for checking out my game really appreciate it. this game was for a game jam so jamming things in didn't make sense to me at the time. although I am glad you enjoyed it. I will update the game in the future and let you know

this game is a bit sus ngl

its a very sussy game nevertheless it's a really nice game

thanks , make sure to rate it

best sussy game 

best sussy game 

best sussy game 


this game is really sus. don't play at 3AM or the sussy baka will come to get you

kos omak

Love this Asset, Thank you soo much. I donated

Hey, it's a really great assest. I was wondering if I could use it in my game, ofc I would credit you if there are any payment issues I can pay.

Okay so the concept is very basic but it is very fun, if given more time it could actually turn into a very cool Cookie clicker game such as osu! or hammer the beans or something.