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please add pixels per unit to the description

please include the pixels per unit on the description

any chance we'll see this store as  a standalone? a convenience store maybe?

What is the resolution? 16x16, 32x32?

that same accont has a couple of other repos that work together pretty well might be worth a look.

maybe this could help add stuff for your system or tutorials

No video for this one?

is this 16x16? please update descriptio

this is 8x8?

amazing stuff!

is this 16x16

How come suddenly everyone is making psx style assets? Is there some jam I'm not aware of?

Can this be used with rpg mker MV/MZ??

Got this in the humble bundle, and was wondering what resolution is this?? I ask, cause I would like to use blender to make some additions like characters and weapons, but im not sure what settings to render.

How can I resize to use with rpgmaker MV?

If this had pushing and ladder animation he would be the best asset on itch