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Very nice of you, Shadow!
Upvoted! :D

I've never had anyone with a problem like that. You use the same button you always press to send messages on your phone. If that doesn't work for you, must be a phone problem. Luckily you're still at the very start of the game so you can switch to a different device if that's the problem.

Dawww thank you so much, mate! It's very flattering to be your very first :3
I'm always looking forward to every update too, and seeing more people experiencing this story and those characters. I hope you'll keep enjoying what comes in the future!

Yes, for Patrons :)

Amazing work with a lot of potential, written by my very most favorite furry literature writer. The characters are instantly likeable, and I'm looking forward to see how the story and the infusion gimmick develop! Also, the clickable memories entries are a genius idea! 5/5, will keep following. This is a start of something special o//o Also, such an amazing logo, mate! :3 And the sprites too, of course!

That issue shouldn't happen anymore. Patreon finally gave us an option to change the billing schedule to a better one and I enabled it right away!

Now, if everything works as advertised, you're going to be charged every month on the day in the month you first subscribed. So even if you subscribe on the last day of the month, next time you should be charged at the last day of the month after that without double charging :)

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It's a puzzle. If you have problems with it, Alon will give you a game breaking hint in that Barkest Corner which will make it absolutely trivial, but you have to be patient to get it ;)

Still, you'll have a hard time if you don't speak English.

He's not my self-insert. I'm nowhere near THAT cool lol :P

I think people are misinterpreting the fact he used to be my DnD character for a short adventure in the past.

You actually don't need to beat it. You only need to take it. Losing and going under the table works too

Yeah it is. Android build works great if you have a phone

Hey mate, Raus here, from Shelter VN. For some reason you left exactly the same question in my comments section, so I'm gonna delete it there and answer here :P

Also, weird, didn't you already ask exactly the same question under Extracurricular Activities 230 days ago?

Anyway, if you're on android, just run the new apk and you'll have an option to update the build.

If you're on Windows or Mac, it's actually harder to LOSE progress than to keep it lol. Just download and unpack the game. All of your progress will already be there, Just try it.

I hope it'll stick this time ;)

Hey mate, apparently the most up-to-date version of renpy (my engine) dropped 32bit support. If you have an android phone, play Shelter there. My android build is pretty great :)

Haha that's a nice visualization! :D

We're gonna see Cooper again. I'm looking forward to that because he's my favorite boy :)

It's pretty easy and I recommend doing it on your own, but if somehow you still aren't able to figure it out, Alon will give you a game breaking hint during Coordination Barkest Corner, and that will make that whole puzzle absolutely trivial.

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No, sorry. Look for a fan translation in your language.

You can report stuff like that on our Discord server. Thanks for noticing that! I'll change it later

Are you sure you played Rune's afternoon and not Max's?

If you had a bug that you would get two cables of the same color for the morning bomb disarming, download the build again. I reuploaded it with the fix just now :)

When you were first given the Mid-Afternoon scenes choice, you got an information that none of the content in Shelter is missable. That's true. TO DO simply shows you what content you haven't seen yet, and you should just do it in whatever order you want.
Don't treat it like something you have to "win". Just explore it.

I made them easier to find in v22. Good luck then :P

Yes, in the game. Finish your first playthrough blindly and you'll unlock TO DO screen which is basically a guide.

It's okay, you wrote it correctly the first time :)

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It's okay, you don't need to vibe with every single update. That would be an impossible expectation.

It's a work-in-progress project, and more is coming. I hope you'll be satisfied once we hit v1.0 and we have the whole picture :)

Haha thanks mate! I had this magic/species system thought up a while back, and it was prepared with a generic fantasy world in mind. When I was making INU, I thought that maybe it was a good opportunity to try it in action there, so I could see how it works before get to use it in another project. I had to make some adjustments since INU was a videogame world, but it was super fun to use there :D

Its use in Shelter is much closer to its initial intended environment. Magic is real there, and it's a part of the World's natural laws, and that comes with so many fantastic consequences. 

In short, the worlds of INU and Shelter may have shared elements, but they aren't based off each other.

You'll find more answers as we keep completing the routes. It's an end of a path, but that's only a piece of the bigger picture. There is still so much more ahead of us! \o.o/
And you probably mean Burry's splash art? It was drawn by this wonderful creature: We're already discussing Rune's, though :]

I hope you enjoy! It's pretty short, but an nice milestone of the project in general ^^ Check out the porny path, since it's the bulk of this update :P

Follow my Twitter for all release times :)

Haha I'm happy to hear that! I'll be posting the next public update tomorrow so I hope you'll like it too :)

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A few updates ago I changed something for new players. They unlock new save slots by exploring the Barkest Corners and other secrets, and they'll have some additional gimmicks related to that.

In short, just keep playing :)

Also, good luck, mate!

Thank you, Seawaterscp! I appreciate your kind words very much :) I'm finishing v19 for the patrons very soon. It was the most time/work consuming update I've done so far but I hope you'll enjoy it when it eventually goes public. Take care, mate! <3

Oh, nevermind then. That was one of the endings. If you've seen the talk with Alon in the Barkest Corner afterwards it should be very clear.

You're probably on Android, right? Wanna join our discord and dm me so we can fix that bug together for good? Or click the Bark like six more times and it will eventually kick you back to main menu.

So it's fixed now? If you or anyone encounters that weird bug again, please contact me on Discord, because there's a better fix I want to test out :)

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Hey Dark! Click Bark a few times and it should finally jump back to Main Menu.

However, I think I just figured out a better way to fix that weird bug, so DM me on Discord and we'll test that out if you want :)

Either way, let me know on Discord!

*pat pat* :P

I'll add all of that info on the main page sometime

If you play only for Teak, don't hold your breath. He's going to get more very important content but it's not going to be soon, sorry. Check out my Twitter from time and see if the latest update post pic has Teak on him. If not, assume it's not his time yet.

You don't need to do any of that on PC. Just unpack the game anywhere on your pc and you'll have access to your old saves. Like magic 

No, it doesn't take place there. I used that comic as a test run for that magic system. It's not 1:1 the same though, because this time it's a part of Shelter's real natural world, not a videogame mechanic. That comes with lots of very fun limitations, freedoms and depth :).

This post should go to any of the other two stickies :P
Progress to the evening normally, roughly to the part Max gives you the the mana potion. The clue for that BC gets unlocked along the way there if you have completed the penetration ending (and you did). Reply here when you get it so I can remove this post. Consider joining our discord if you have questions in the future :) Good boy job on clearing the TO DO!