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That's sad but hopefully I'll see it done one day and I look forward to anything else this Dev does.

Saw Redamz is posting again on Patreon so wonder whether I should sign back up or just wait and see?

Tried 0.8.03, then 0.75.3 which loaded but wouldn't recognize my controllers. The controllers were working fine with the steam menu interface though when I checked the bindings I got a loading interface that never ended.

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Finally got a VR capable PC a few days ago.

Been setting it up and getting everything working.

Got around to trying a couple of the lewd scenes tonight and I gotta say Rene's scene was alright, her face looked a bit like it was made of flappy paper in VR and the facial animations were pretty crude but Chumumi's scene sequence was completely stunning. She's my favorite so far easy. But I quite liked Rene too at least in pancake.

But the scene sequence with Chumumi is incredibly beautiful in VR. It's good in pancake but in VR it is completely stunning.

I stopped supporting the Patreon.

Couldn't take the hanging on, waiting for the next meager crumb to drop.

Love this conceptually and like many of the characters a great deal but...

I started learning Unity about 9 months ago and 3D modelling and animation a few months back. I don't think this is as hard to do as you believe? The creative process from the human perspective can be tricky of course but I certainly hope I can produce far more than Redamz has in six years. Hopefully we will see?


Isn't it actually some sheila? A musician according to my initial receipt?

I love this work.

Just tried a couple of the lude scenes in VR and I gotta say I loved Chumumi in pancake but I was completely blown away by that scene sequence in VR. The other I tried was Rene and it was ok. The facial animation wasn't great and her face looked like its made of paper. But that was after the Chumumi scene which was just amazingly beautiful, completely stunning.

But embiz is making a very valid point and frankly if Redamz was not making quite so much money off this perhaps it would get done? As it is the money will stop once it is done and there's no guarantee the next concept will capture peoples imaginations the way MGI has and that's gotta weigh heavily on a person.

I only stopped supporting when Redamz said he/she was taking a break. I would really like to see how this ends but I wonder if it will?...

Tried the latest as of March2021 and all I get is a black screen? Going to try an earlier version?

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It's alright.

Haven't encountered anything particularly erotic yet?

Doesn't seem to be that much too it?

It's a bit of fun, not very expensive and with Facebooks limits on content it makes for a welcome change.

Yeh took me a week or so before I found a compatible model and realized I had to rename the animations so Unity could use them. It did not like the default blender naming. But once I managed to do one others were easy.

This is awesome.

Found it on Youtube a few days ago.

Unity doesn't like it, getting lots of errors but it works, mostly.

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Totally love this application.

Learnt how to convert MMD models and animations greatly expanding the options.

I hope you plan to keep this a fairly bare bone application but with expanded customizing options?

Maybe incorporate them into the app?


Don't seem to be able to play downloaded music in the app though???

I can play music in the browser but it doesn't sync with the animations so well.

I know you have pixiv, Vroid Hub shortcuts on the browser but we need a dedicated site for models, music with animations and staged settings specifically built for the platform that can be traded by creators.

If you don't do it maybe I will???


In the "unknown sources" option in your library on the quest.

You can find it on side quest.

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Just got this today and love the concept of it. Think it would be completely amazing as a fully developed game in VR not just a VN, not that it' isn't great as a VN.