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I'm so glad you liked our lil' game! ^-^

Ah, that makes much more sense! Thanks for the pointers!

Like I said, before, this was a really splendid time. I am trying to do a little research on roll-and-write games. This was both a great time and I learned a lot! Thanks for making it and sharing it!

I enjoyed this one, though having now twice died to "Open Sewer" without any means of dealing with it ever appearing it did have a bit of a memey "Rocks Fall Everyone Died" experience, which especially hurt on my second run because it was going so well.

I know I am very late to the party, but playing with this lil' Dwarven engine builder was a blast.

That said, I must be reading the rules wrong, because otherwise I just scored a 39062672 point game, 39062500 of which was a turn-10 level 4 throne room?

I spent most of the game desperately trying to coax my cultists out of the swamps they kept wallowing in and getting my Charisma (and only my Charisma) upgraded by fairies. An absolute delight, thanks for this little adventure!

hey folks, I'm afraid to say that the digital tool is borked/missing on google drive, but this is still the sick-nastiest raddiest most coolest rpg ever and I'm gonna run it anyway!

Thanks for the pointers! Honestly, besides mechanically making it so one skill doesn't work for everything it also pushes me to be more creative and evocative.

Btw, is there a discord or other space to chat and compare WIPs?

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Hi! I was browsing pulp art for inspiration and I got inspired to make an origin story. I'm still working on the name, but they might be The Daydream or The Imperfection.

Sorry if I missed it in the SRD, but is there a list of all of the skills somewhere, and/or are skills supposed to mostly come from that list? I have some kind of sideways ideas for how to make skills that I'm excited about but I don't want to disrupt the flow of the game too much.

Sweet, thanks! This whole project is super rad and inspiring me to try learning game dev tools myself!

This project is so awesome, lets me think in depth about the flow of Lancer play, and even just this little bit is super replayable!

btw, I encountered a glitch: After using puppeteer systems with the Goblin on a Berserker, the Berserker passed their heat cap without being destroyed.

This is fantastic, and every roll I've done has been super evocative and interesting. Just an FYI, there is no twist for a roll of 16!

This is so delightful, I will think of this again everytime I play Snek