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i wanted to finish playing but i really don't know who stole the lunch :(. can anyone help me?

i love it

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failed every tasks but i really like the art and concept. will try my best until i win this tho <3

needed this message, it has been hard these days but we got this and we will get through this. i wish for everyone's happiness, including mine. sending loves and prayers to anyone who needs it. 

this is very simple and touching, I really like this concept. Hoping for a sequel ngl. This is very good <3

this is amazing. i thought it was going to be sad or wholesome omg. i love i

i really like this game, it is very cute and simple? those rules are kinda hard to catch up but it made the game even better. although i wish there are no time limit (the clock) and more dead dudes <3

love it!!! very cute and simple, even tho i didn't understand the language, i  already know what they're saying.

this is really beautiful in a way, but I can't describe it. thank you <3

this game is really cool and cute. some levels were a bit confusing but it's a puzzle game after all. unfortunately, i never get 3 stars 

i love it

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waitt can u tell me how did you finish level 3? i'm stuck on that one