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cannot check the box to agree to all 3 tabs, and am missing out on the event... the check box just wont check, what should I do? [the I agree to the terms of service check box]

Could a quick guide to how to play be added? as well as the hotkeys ?


1, the energy runs out too fast.

2, Should be able to go full screen to see the game better.

3,  Better controls, IE allow mouse or keyboard or both, as it is the mouse is too limited

4, a quick tutorial is needed.

5, found the first time i played i could mine up? and cannot do it since. Something is off, and it is probably me. What am i doing wrong?

Game borders on super addictive if not for things like, screen size, controls, and Energy Management(could be i am playing the game wrong)

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Good to know, thanks, will try chrome, and i have now, it works just fine

MS Edge from win10,  the mouse controls are working though.

Game does not responed keyboard commands.

I have killed a dozen or so, so far, but only just today got my first lens.... perhaps i am too far from them when they die?

But i would put that as a playstyle thing, having the permanent storage persist from game to game, that i would  say is my only major issue.

Great Game, just love it. Note of a bug: After beating the game, my perma-storage does not reset with a new game, it is still there, making any new games play like a cheat is on.

The only other note i have is i cannot find lenses.