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Whelp, it turns out I did not download it with Pays to read, or not read as the case may be lol

I was thinking about donating once I get some poor choices in finances under control anyway. So for now I will enjoy the outdated version I have and update when $5 or so fits with my budget. 

Going to have to figure out where that is saved to in my computer. Thanks.

WINDSTONE community · Created a new topic Re-download?

Hey, so I haven't played for awhile. And I came here to see what sort of updates to expect, but I don't seem to be seeing any of the new stuff? Am I super 'special' and missing an update button somewhere around here or do I have to re-download each update?

It was so far away I have no idea how far under it was, I could swear I could see the top of the Cureing Rack when it happened, but that's a lot taller than the cot and I assume the bottom of the object is what matters for placement. 

As someone who knows nothing about coding it all sounds very complicated lol 

Took me a couple tries, but I recreated it with a cot. I think what must have happened was that I released the rmb while the hide curing rack was 'under' the ground. I could not get it to happen again any other way with the cot. 

Okay, so, I wanted to see how far away from myself I could build something, and the ground ate my hide curing rack. At least, I think that's what happened, I can't find it. I was going to plop it down by a campfire and decided to test the distance while saving running time for myself. I have not yet exited the game to see if it will return to the surface.

They are the blue peacock things that make elephant noises. 

Oh, I figured out how to knock and fire. It's the aim that I'm having trouble with. The blue mushroom helps me find them after I've shot them, but as far as seeing them in flight it does not help even at night. I tried out the rapid fire though and it has helped me take down fornicians without having to rely on the blow darts.

Could be I'm just not a ranged person in this game, which is different from how I usually play. 

And as a side note, I was doing really well. Made the longest run so far, decided to explore the mountains... Got lost and died. Like, I swear there were pools of water and stuff every time I was starting to get worried, then somehow I found the one spot that was super far away from everything to camp. If I'd had the glider I would have been fine... I died ten times trying to find my way out. It was hilarious all the different places I found to die, and terribly frustrating that I didn't have a save outside the mountains. Eventually just gave up and started over. Live and learn. Or die and learn...

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So, I had picked up a fence to move it. And while right clicked I opened my inventory, because my typing hand moves faster than my right clicking hand... And now I can't put down the thing I picked up. It's kind of funny because I can still pick up other things.

I saved and exited, and when I reloaded it was sitting on the ground in front of me and behaved normally.

The bow is extremely hard to use effectively. I think I only hit once when I was almost right next to a formican (which then killed me, but hey, it happens.) It would be helpful if I could see the arrows in flight so I can see if I'm shooting to high or too low without having to run over to the arrow and guess where my target was. 

Some way to lock my buildings in place would be great too, I keep grabbing the walls and floor by accident when I'm moving other things around. And sometimes it seems a bit touchy for getting things just the way I want them... Alternatively, a pre-built home option would be pretty good too. Cost a lot of resources but it has everything inside it all ready to go. Something along the lines of  the huts I found in the map, that have the fire pits and things but can't be moved or altered.

Will there be farming down the road? And do resources grow back?