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This game was a great walking sim-slender-labyrinth, and damn did it get us good! A solid experience for those who want to play it, and remember it's best suited for no lights and LOUD HEADPHONES! Enjoy :D

OH MAN DID THIS GAME GET US GOOD! Was expecting so much more and got rickrolled - classic! Honestly, this isn't much of a game really, but it is still a neat little experience (assuming one is going into this blind). Would be interested to see a fully fleshed out game/game world from this developer if this is what was done with 4 minutes of game/demo. Cheers mate!

Hehe, it is a learning experience, that is for sure, and considering it was your first fully developed game, it is still pretty darn good! I think there's room for improvement for sure, but your jumpscares were spot on, and that atmosphere wasn't half bad either! All the best, @Bioman, and I hope we see more from you in the future <3!

Hey guys, Bill of RATED EXP here! This game was pretty fun, albeit very tropey. It was a little glitchy, graphically not impressive, but the jumpscares were pretty decent. All in all, not a bad game, but nothing impressive either. A fun and short experience worth the time if you're bored. 

Contemp was a short, but very well done teaser that leaves us wanting MORE! The ambience and atmosphere in the game is spot on, the graphics, and lighting, beautiful - something that seems to missing from a lot of other games published both on ITCH and STEAM respectively. Honestly, I think that while this was a university project/learning experience, the game is wonderful, and the pacing brilliant. I highly recommend this game to any fans of the horror/walking sim/indie game genre! 

@Micaka is defintely a developer to keep your eyes out for in the future!!

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Trapped between two realities, the POTION SELLER exists undisturbed, waiting patiently to break free of ITS' digital prison. The goal is to navigate the environment while piecing together bits of the over-arching narrative: IF ONLY IT WERE THAT EASY TRAVELER

Mono.exe is an experimental Horror Game, developed by JeliLiam, and published on both Itch.io and Steam Greenlight. Mono is compilation of 3 short horror stories that form an underlying narrative.

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Welcome to Hanwell is an open world psychological horror game, taking inspiration from games such as: resident evil, outlast, Dying Light, and The Last of Us (to name a few).

We are introduced to a very small portion of City, with only one task: escape Hanwell Jail and figure out what happened. However, things are never as easy as they seem. I loved the short demo, and I'm very excited for more - this game does a good job of hooking you with what little information you're given. All in all, I'm very impressed by this short demo: tight controls, polished game-play, and good lore are a bit surprising given the early development stages of this game. Very pleased and excited for the upcoming game!

Can't wait to come back at this in hardmode with the updates!!

Don't Look Back is an interesting experience, developed by Enrique Colinet (@Baxayaun) for itch.io.

The premise is simple: don't look back, and collect the notes to progress the narrative forward. Fun, entertaining, and jump-scary. We had a lot of fun playing this one!

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Honey, it's me, your husband: TOM COLLINS, I'm home! Honey, are you in here? Hello? Anyone? ....

Mortem is a work in progress developed by Nighthood Games: albeit a little glitchy, there is some hidden potential (I'm looking at you devs to fix this). In our play through, the only thing that actually worked was turning the flashlight on/off. Would be very interested to play an updated/working demo version.