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Short but a amazing game. This game made my day( I love the simple graphics)   

Thanks, Ratchet103

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  I will thank you for letting me know I really what to play your game it looks amazing and I will try it on steam thank you for telling me is is very appreciated. I Hope that making games makes you happy because playing them makes me happy so have a good life see you on steam. I see no reason to refund it. I have a feeling that this games it going to become popular soon enough.

Sincerely Ratchet, 

  The Mac Demo glitches every time I try to play the game. The intro works fine but the gameplay is not, I couldn't even play a level to figure out what the game was like. So if I did like the game, I could buy it but it glitches so how do I know if the game is worth buying. I don't what to invest my money into something that doesn't work so can you please fix it so I can at least try the game out. So do you think that you can help me,  because if so It would be appreciated?

Sincerely Ratchet103,