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Sewer Rat Dad

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Hi! Uhm how do I download the APK for Android version? Sorry if this is like a really simple thing I'm very stupid and horrible with tech

Hi! While i can't be sure it's what they used, I suggest using renpy. It's super easy to use and get the hang even if you have no prior experience!

funky clown man make brain go brrrr

GVREHJBDNKMLSW OMG THANK YOU. Spookware is one of my comfort games and the funky lil characters and minigames are one of my few solaces at the moment. Thank you for helping and and creating this amazing game <3 I wish you a good day and may whatever being higher than our own consciousness bless you with good luck as well >::3

Hey so I've downloaded the game and extracted it and it shows the little creators thingies with the small images. But then it just turns black with the press return key to skip and  won't change what do i do?

The characters in this were amazing! Im kind of obsessed with them >w< I'd love to see more work with them but i know how easy it is to get burnt out while making a game (i've been trying for two years now not a single demo even done >X<)