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This game was a lot of fun.

It might be useful for a wider range of assembly languages if was a way to import or convert existing syntax highlighting files.

What exactly is packed into the update? Is is the entire set of files?

What language is the updater written in?

Nice. I couldn't find a reference to a code style in the documentation, but that looks good.

Not without custom CSS, and that requires to enable CSS support on the account.

The md version formatting is correct.

This is a lot of fun. The fuel is really challenging.

Has there been any update on this?

Or, is there a way to convert an itch purchase to a Unity store purchase?

Is it possible to get the latest version, available on the Unity Asset Store?

Yes.. that does work as intended. Thank you.

FlowScape community · Created a new topic Depth buffer?

Could you dump out a depth buffer with a screen shot? A 16 or 24 pixel depth buffer would be ideal, but 8 bit isn't a deal breaker.

I am really liking what I see with this software, and looking to purchase it. I would happily pay additional to have this feature added.

If so, let me know how much to add to the purchase price.

Does this contain the stand-alone version?

How does it handle software that is several versions out of date?