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Updated: I have been going through the "Fat Kevin" example and trying to find what I've done differently, as that example has a similar setup (i.e. the life icons in the top left corner).

I noticed that that project had an aspect ratio set up, where as mine didn't. After setting the aspect ratio, the actors now stay in the same relative place as the viewport resizes, so i believe this has resolved my issue :)

Thought I'd leave my solution here in case anyone else comes across this later.

I am attempting to create a HUD for my first Superpowers game, but I'm struggling a bit trying to anchor the HUD elements to specific parts of the screen. For example, I'd like a health icon to be anchored to the bottom left corner of the screen.

At the moment, I have my HUD elements as direct children of the camera, so they'll move with the camera, but I'm not sure how to know what the world point is of the bottom left corner. In Unity, I had previously done this by transforming the screen point to the world point, but I can't see a way of doing this.

Any help much appreciated :D