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This is why I don't work at night! Great job!

Pretty unnerving game! I almost got caught a few times, but I somehow managed to survive! In the end where it says continue, is there supposed to be another level, or was that the end of the game? Really enjoyed it though!  Great job!

Really suspenseful game! It starts off with just wondering and waiting to see what's gonna happen, and then it slowly builds up! Did not see the ending coming! Great job!

Thank you for making this game!

Thank you!

Pretty creepy game! I liked the story and feel bad for the guy! He just wanted some nostalgia! I had an inkling about who the killer might be, but dang I didn't expect that ending! Great job! 

Well I can't tell if Santa was mean or not. I mean, he ate my cookies, scared the hell out of me, and then just stared at me! A happy ending if I've ever had one! Great job!

Thank you!

Thank you for making such an interesting game! It definitely is quite interesting and I liked how you figure out the puzzles by trial an error. I was pleasantly surprised with the overall feel and look of the game The unlimited sausages really tickled my funny bone too! Thank you as well for such kind words! I'll most definitely be looking forward to your future endeavors! 

What a weird version of Super Mario Bros! It might a haunted version of the game! It sure was different, and in a scary kind of way! Great job!

Pretty creepy game! I was taken by surprise by what came next after each puzzle, but in a good way! It's weird and slightly unsettling, but it makes me want to play and experience more of it! Awesome job! 

Very creepy game! I could hear the bugs in my head and they were giving me anxiety! Would love to know the story behind the bugs as well as to why we're there! Great job!

Pretty fun game! I liked that you could finally get revenge on the roadrunner, but I kinda felt bad about it too! What a twist ending too! Great job

I really enjoyed this game! Something about being at the bottom of the ocean surrounded by water and not being able to do anything in case the worst happens is quite maddening! It made me so anxious just thinking about possible jumpscares, but the eeriness due to how quiet it is was unsettling! Would love to know how the world ended up like this! Awesome job!

Pretty cool short game! I like how it sounds like the previous victims death scream are recorded and played back for the next victim, so eerie! Awesome job!

Thank you for making this game!

Pretty creepy game! I really liked it, and I kinda want to find out more about the mysterious killer! WHAT HAPPENED TO SARAH?!?!?! Great job!

Played it a day late, but still enjoyed it! Would love to find out what it is or what its origins are! Great job!

Sure it's creepy! Picking up a random piece of a person, followed by an eerie scream in the distance? It's creepy to me! You've got steel nerves! :D

Thank you! :D

Really enjoyed this game! After I played the first one, I had to download the second part and play more! I wish there were more games to come after this! Awesome job!

I really enjoyed the demo, and I can't wait to play the full game! it's got me hooked, and I'm pretty sure there's vampires involved! Great job!

I really liked this game! It was quite suspenseful, and even Tommy gave me a startle! I'm glad I was able to survive, and I can't wait to play the sequel! Awesome job!

It was pretty awesome! Thanks for a terrifying experience!

What a creepy experience! I really enjoyed this game! The lights going out and the lightning suddenly casting light on everything for a sec or two is a relief and horrifying! Awesome job!

I really liked this game! It's creepy whenever you pick up a part of Paul! I wonder who did this to him?! Great job!

Thank you for making this game! I really did enjoy it, and will be eagerly awaiting anything new that comes out! Kafu was adorable!

Thank you for making this game! I'll be waiting for any new updates or games!

I really enjoyed this game! It's got a nice atmosphere to it, and I really like the art style! The story is sad, but it's also heartwarming! I wish there was more to it, and I hope that we might one day get a sequel or continuation! Awesome job!

I really liked this game! At first I got a little lost, but that was mostly due to me not being bad with directions! XD The noises it makes and the environment were definitely creepy! I really enjoyed it! Great job!

I liked this game! It's short, but drives the point pretty fast! NEVER WALK HOME ALONE! Great job!

No problem, thank you for making such a fun game! :D

I really liked this game! The story is interesting and I can't wait to find out what happens to his brother! Great job!

You're too kind! It was really interesting! I feel bad for killing them off so many times though! (╥﹏╥)

I had an absolute blast with this game! 10 / 10 would cause mayhem for unjust tickets again! Awesome job!

I really liked this game! It definitely surprised me at the very end, and I was quite shocked! Great job!

I am glad that you are glad that I enjoyed it!

I really liked this game! It caught me unawares a few times and those jumpscares got me good! Pretty creepy! Makes me want to find out what happened to Grandma! Great job!

Thank you for making this game! It was pretty fun!