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Thank you for the lovely comment!

We're really happy you liked our game :D

Than you for the bug report! I pushed an updated build that should fix that crash.

Correct! :)

Thank you for the bug report! It should be fixed in the new version we just pushed online.

We're happy you liked the game :D

Thank you for the comment! We're happy you liked the game :) 

We just pushed an update with a gallery fix and some more improvements.

The game has one bad ending with a CG and one bad ending that can be triggered when rage is too high. 

Hello! Yes, we are going to use this page from now on. I put the old page online temporarily so you can read the reply.

We just added the MAC version :)

Right here for the demo :)

Yep, Stripe is the payment provider that accepts credit and debit cards. In their ToS, they state that "Adult content and services" are restricted businesses. Snowed IN depicts uncensored sexual acts, so we can't use them as payment processor (unless we make an explicit request and it gets approved).

Hey! Unfortunately, the game is not in line with PayPal and Stripe's ToS.

It's available on Steam and Nutaku.

We had a slight change of plans because of the way handles payments, and decided to release on Steam and Nutaku, for the same price and with the same launch discount of 30% :)

We're aiming for an end of January release here on, plus Steam and DLsite as well :)