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Elegant, tricky, and approachable. Good job!

One idea I can suggest for a puzzle is to make the player avoid leaving a boulder on top of some shale, so that they can grapple up multiple times in a specific spot later.

By the way, you can Ctrl+click a level in the 'Levels' section of the Puzzlescript editor to playtest it immediately.

This felt like a pretty cool idea for a pen-and-paper puzzle game. I liked how there was usually multiple ways to logically progress, showing off the versatility of the logic while keeping the difficulty very approachable.

After you start a level, you can never change direction on subsequent turns. 

(Not counting the first move, if you are moving in a direction, such as up, and then move in another direction, such as right, then you have to move right again before moving in any other direction.)

Got an error in the Panic Buying challenge where I had Backpack, Car Battery, Mr. Mega, and Tech X when I tried to select a third active item, Dad's Key.  (This was on the second item room.) The music was still playing, but it seemed to get stuck on the screen and softlock the game.

Also, cool game! It had some pretty tough puzzles in it, with C5 being the hardest for me.  Understanding how to manipulate the mice with the cat drawings felt very satisfying by the time I had fully understood the mechanic, and the simple, pastel aesthetics of the game worked in its favor.

(Spoiler for level 11):

Yriry ryrira pna or pbzcyrgrq jvgu bayl gjb pngf. Vf guvf vagragvbany? (Use rot13 to decode)

Fun little game. The last room was weirdly easy, though: V chfurq nyy gur oybpxf va n fgenvtug yvar gb gur yrsg naq whfg jnyxrq npebff. (Use rot13 to decode.) Is this cheese?

Very difficult and somewhat unbalanced, but fun. I managed to get a win by using void stones to get only 5 cards, then upgraded kindle thrice, and finally, I used the philosopher's stones to chain together Burn->Heal->Spark->Thorns->Kindle for an infinite.

A large room with 4 crates along the bottom edge and 5 targets along the top edge.

A level with many walls separating the player from a crate & target.