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Sounds good!

Really nice! do you have other things planned?

Really nice! Do you plan on making more boss type enemies?

Great, thanks!

Looks really great! Looking forward to monsters.  Loved the ones posted on twitter/x.  Would be great to add bosses and animals (will all animations) as addon!

Thanks so much, I really appreciate it! It all looks great!

Ok, thanks

Thanks, just bought!

Really nice! Planning, to buy paid pack; is this included in the paid pack, or is it different background (ie no need to download if it is in paid pack)? Thanks

Hi, I downloaded new file but I don't see where the damaged furniture, etc is that was on your twitter page.  If you get a chance, could you let me know where it is? or was it omitted?  Thanks so much

Thanks! Love the animations!

For some reason, the sheep only has idle animation and none of the rest.  Is it possible to provide all? Thanks!

Thanks so much!

I saw that your twitter said there's an update? does it include the destroyed, etc images that are shown in twitter?  

Thanks for responding! I might need some specific enemies in future, sometime in the summer.  I'll definitely put you at top of list and contact you then to see if you are available.  Still trying to figure out what I need. 

Really nice work! are these for commercial use?  Also, do you do commissions?

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Really nice! Just bought. Looking forward to the update!

Do you plan on making the pumpkin on the horse? Really like this one! Nevermind, saw it's there, thanks, other ones look really nice too, hope they get made!

Great! Thanks for responding!

Nice style! Looking forward to see what's next! Any plans to make scifi theme?

Thanks!  I hope to get out a demo later this year. 

Great, thanks! I really appreciate it.

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Really nice work! Looking forward to what's next!

PS: I noticed in the image, you have rune animation of it lighting up one by one. I don't suppose you could add that animation? 

Ok, thanks for responding

Hi, you previously had more mega pixel icon packs which included hats and a casino sign, etc.  I don't see this anywhere.  Do you know what happened to it? Is it no longer being offered?

Really Nice! I don't suppose it's possible to make this for a 2.5 D zelda style game?

Thanks for respondig. I actually found a way to convert to png successfully, size 96x96.  Yours are over 500x500 for some reason, but they are png.

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Really nice! Do you have any future enemies planned?

Edit: just bought; any chance you can provide png versions of the files? I'm having trouble opening

Hi, nice work! which pack has the orange ghost with blue eyes?

Just bought, really nice work!

Thanks, look forward to seeing the animations!

Really nice, are you planning to animate these with attack, death, walk, etc?

Really nice! I downloaded and for some reason, the objects are small and blurry unlike the preview. is it possible to include the objects from the preview that are bigger and not blurred??

Really nice! Just bought

Great, thanks! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

Nice enemies, do you plan to make more?

Is included? if not, it would be great if it was included

Nice work! Just curious, do you have plans for other packs?


I don't see images of Ancient Bear boss, is it possible to post?

Great, thanks.  I'll be sure to keep a look out