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This is now my favorite shmup game. And it is also the second one (besides Tyrian) that i actually finished. Though the last level in the campaign nearly drove me crazy... i loved it.

I had this game for 2 years sitting in my library without playing it. I really should have played it earlier.

Short question, i try to run the software in wine on Linux but since .NET is kind of a issue there, i only have a empty screen.

Is there the possibility of a Linux Native port in the future? If not also not a big issue. I will in the near future install a Win7 machine as a VM. So i can use that for my work on the project.

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Really awesome ASCII game. I played now for a few hours and had a blast. Now there is the little issue in my run.

When i started the game, i turned the demon horde on and i think they are a nice idea and execution for the game itself (They are meant to be a threat and the game also shows). Though i played a bit against them and since it was my first playthrough, i didn't played 'optimally', meaning the demon horde overruns my Kingdom over time. Is there a way to turn off the demon horde during an active game?

If not, it is also not a problem. I expected to fail with that Kingdom anyway and got way further then i thought i would get ;)

About the rest of the game, as i said earlier, i really enjoy it. The humour is neat and the decisions you have also feel like they have influence shaping your Kingdom or relations with foreign factions. The randomness of the game also adds to that.

A really nice game for Goblin friends... or foes.

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First of all, i hope this answer doesn't read hostile. It is really not my intent here to be contentious. I want more to offer solutions or explain why the game developers/ audience like or dislikes something.

Also Metagaming is playing outside the boundaries of a game. For example in Dungeons and Dragons, metagaming is using the knowledge that your character CANNOT have (Which is probably what you refer to here). Playing over and over again is not metagaming in a roguelike because it is intended as the playstyle used.

If you think in RL you get the tools to do something, then Google solutions... From what i hear here, i would say that what you want here is more a tutorial rather then saves with that explanation. Also if you do something experimental IRL, you have also a chance to fail and do your work over again. Sometimes with lifelong consequences. (Open up a company that fails as a example. You can gather the knowledge how you open one. But you have consequences if you fail)

My personal advice for you is: Play as you wish. Mod the game if it doesn't pleases you. And if you do not want to mod/ cannot find mods or not develop own, play another game if the issues are a deal break for you. There are plenty of games out there which targets different audiences ^^ (Also i personally think save scumming by replacing files is one of the alternate solutions to replace a save function)

Roguelikes are intended for people who like games with consequences of loosing or making good/bad choices. Experimenting is a wager of risk/ possible reward there and if you are ready to deal with the outcome.
And for the devs i also have a personal point: Make the game you want to make. That creates the creativity in game development. Making a game with an own characteristic can be a risk, but i find these more interesting then the non-risk-cooky-cutter games that we often see today from less risking companies. (CoD is a good example. These games are mostly the same because they do not want to take the risk that people dislike it. So they stick with what they think people know and are familiar with)

Small, calming puzzle game. I like the concept of it that both halves of an whole have to support each other. Music is short but also nice with the same concept (Darker bass sound in the background and the melody in the foreground. Idk how to explain it better but both reflect the concet of the game basically)