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First, sorry for bad english. Second, I have lots of favorite games that marked each part of my life. I discovered who I am thanks to them. And I still love and would play with no problem. But let's get started by order.

1) Childhood

- Donkey Kong Country: the first game I beat. I love those Nintendo games that much. I mean... they have lots of secrets and I just made 101% of completion at 2013. I was born at the 90s, so you can imagine the time I took to discover, thanks to the internet. And I guess it's something that I miss in games nowadays... those top secret things..

- Street Fighter II: if DKC was the first game I beat, SF was the first game I beat a boss. I can't say I beat the game, since I only used to play with Ryu and Chun-Li. But this game and another one that's coming are special for another special reason, they inspired me to become a game designer. So yeah, it was thanks to Street Fighter that I make games.

- Tekken 3: so we finally reached the second reason I wanted to be a game designer. But this game made me into another special part of my life, discovering my sexuallity. I never felt anything, until I saw a topless Heihachi and figured out that I was not like the other boys. But because I was just a child, I didn't know I was that different and couldn't understand these feelings. Too bad Heihachi is a villain.

2) Puberty

- Grand Theft Auto San Andreas: When I discovered this game I was immediately fallen in love. I never played an open world game before. The freedom, the countryside, the desert and those radios... I always connect places with songs... so GTA was like a treasure for me.

- Resident Evil 4: This is the game that made me want to play more horror games and activated my desire to do level design and horror games.

- Crash Twinsanity and Crash of The Titans: I always loved animal characters and that's another reason I liked Tekken for having Kuma and Roger. But then, thanks to this game I discovered I was a furry. I mean, at that time I already knew I liked MILFs and muscle mature men, but then... Crunch Bandicoot.

- Silent Hill: I love this game. I mean... I can see parts of this game in every indie horror game. Resident Evil has this aspect of feeling fear of being killed. But Silent Hill.... maaaan. You just feel uncomfortable since the very first moment. It's not about feeling fear of jumpscares or getting killed. it's about being horrified all the time.  I'd compare thoe games to a war zone. Resident Evil -like games are like when you are in a present shooting. Silent Hill is the aftermath, when everything is destroyed and you are not fearful, you're not at the risk of death, but you are going to be traumatized for the destruction it caused and the decomposing destroyed and suffering corpses that you saw.

3) End of High School and College

- Sonic CD: I played the remastered version, so I don't like the american soundtrack. Actually, my first contact with Sega games was after 10 years since they ended developing consoles. I have no regrets. Anyway, I loved this game because of the japanese OST and the time travelling and butterfly effect thing of changing the future. Too bad they didn't make a butterfly character. I guess it'd fit more to the story and the hole concept.

- Persist: Since I attended a Game Design college, I had contact with a thousand indie games. This small Flash one inspired me to make small games focused in storytelling and nice pixel art.

- Five Night's at Freddy's: I don't care that much about the third and fourth installment, but I do love the two games. Not only for the creative use of point and click and the inspiring theories from matPat, but this game has something different from other horror games. The jumpscare is a punishment. So yeah, it's not scripted like other horror games. It's a horror game about skill. I believe there are previous games like FNAF that uses skill to avoid jumpscaresr, but FNAF was the first one I've met.

- Undertale: Now this game is my newest favorite of all time. Every part of the game, except for some toxic fan base, inspired me. It saved me from bad times, since I live in a hard country to make money and my family was about to be thrown out of our rented house. Undertale was the game that told me to be determined, not to give up on life. It taught me that's not wrong to feel hope and to dream. That forgiveness may not harm your pride that much. And also, concluded the fierce odyssey of discovering myself, who I am, what I like and all those things. It was thanks to this game that I felt courage to tell people besides my family that I am different and it helped me to figute out that it's not wrong to be different. And it also made me feel interested in more RPG games. I really loved playing Earthbound, for example.

Anyway, I wrote a lot. But thanks... this was good for my soul. :D