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Rapha Delmaschio

A member registered Aug 04, 2017

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Hey, Thomas.

I really appreciate your work and I'm meaning to use it for one of my games. Being an independent game developer though, I have to think about cost and I wouldn't neccessarily use all of them.

So I wanted to ask you, would it be possible for us to come to an agreement where I would select around 20 of them and then you could price them accordingly?

Thanks for your time,


Thank you very much for the recommendations!

I'm looking foward to the big projects you have mentioned, success!

Thank you for your answer. If I may ask another question, are there plans for an overworld map, by any chance?

Amazing work, which I have been meaning to use for a while. Can you tell me if it works with Tiled?

I found the documentation to be a bit lacking. What is the command to activate a quest, to show an objective and to complete an objective?


Are the menu styles shown in the screenshots built-in templates that comes with the Luna Engine? What I'm asking is, if I wanted to use the menus exactly as how they're shown in the screenshots, would I be able to easilly do that with the engine?


Considering one would use the tilesets from this series on RPG Maker, are they for Parallax Mapping only?

Thank you!


I noticed this pack before but I believe it dated from some time back, does this mean you're going to continue this pack expanding it?

Great work!


Hey, Rafael.
I'm an Indie Developer currently looking for a Pixel Artist to comission. Would you be interested?

If you are, I'll ask you to contact me at raphaeldelmaschio at gmail dot com

Thank you and congrats for your craft!

Greetings, I've been trying to get a hold of a contact of yours and this is perhaps the closest I've found. Are you taking comissions? If you could please contact me at raphaeldelmaschio at gmail dot com in case you're interested, that would be appreciated.

Greetings, this is going to be a bit random, perhaps, but I was unable to locate another form of contact and I am in need of a Pixel Artist. Are you taking comissions? If you could contact me at raphaeldelmaschio at gmail dot com that would be nice. 

Kind regards,

Bom dia! Eu tenho tentado encontrar o seu contato de algua forma e aqui foi o mais próximo que encontrei. Estou precisando de um Pixel Artist para um projeto em que estou trabalhando agora. Eu gostaria de saber se você tem a disponibilidade e interesse. Caso tenha peço que me contate no meu e-mail raphaeldelmaschio at gmail dot com