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Ransacked Studios

A member registered Mar 28, 2015 · View creator page →


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The game has been released on Steam! Feel free to redeem your Steam Keys now and reach out to us on the community hub over there. 

We have controller support and buttons can are rebindable, just in case you prefer a different control scheme.

Our e-mail contact is ransackedstudios@gmail.com

We'll keep a look out for your e-mail!

Hey Pinkerator! Thanks for the interest. We're using the Unity game engine.

Since we have our own custom level format there are only 4 unity scenes in the game. As you may imagine, each obstacle and enemy is their own prefab.

Glitch's Trip community · Created a new topic Known Bugs
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Here is the current list of known bugs in the game:

  • You cannot publish your level via the publish button in the level editor
  • Charge gun is broken (level editor item)
  • Placeholder sounds on multiple objects.
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This is a place where you can share levels you create! (Currently the publishing menu does not work in the level editor)

What files do you need?
You just need the .level file.

Where are my levels? Please not the AppData folder on WIndows and the Library folder on Mac may be hidden.

  • Level Directories:
    • Windows: C:\Users\{user}\AppData\LocalLow\Ransacked Studios\Glitch's Trip\Levels
    • Mac: /Users/{user}/Library/Application Support/unity.Ransacked Studios.Glitch's Trip/Levels
Glitch's Trip community · Created a new topic FAQs
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Here are some answers to some FAQs!

When will the game officially release?
We're expecting the release date to be late 2017.

How much will Glitch's Trip be on the offical release?
$9.99 US

Steam Release?
We are currently green lit on steam and plan to go into early access during our beta phase. We will also give anyone who purchases from itch.io a steam key once we release on early access.

Multiplayer? Co-op?
No current plans. We want to get a single player experience polished up and released before we tackle that possibility.

If I buy the game now, will I get access to future updates?
Of course!

I found a bug, have more questions, or want to give feedback what should I do?
Start a new thread and we will try to reply to ASAP.