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The game is REALLY fun!!! Do you plan on making it for mobile? Cause I'd love that!

I have one slight issue tho... I think the up and down mechanic is useless at the moment :/ You don't need it to catch the balls... I'd love it if you find a way to implement it nicer into the game play and make it important!

oh lol thats cool! 

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sorry for the late response oops

havent noticed any lag

The concept would definitely make a cool mobile game to play on the bus! Music and SFX are good!

Buuuuut I was just spamming the shoot button and I think it would be more fun for people if they cant do that (I thought of a reloading animation where you cant shoot, so every shot gets more value)

I also think the game could have a cool upgrade system! Like "buy more bullets to shoot", "more health", "faster shooting, "faster bullets" and all of these kinds yk

Overall, the game has great potential for a cool little mobile game and I would definitely download and play it on my phone!

I played for a bit now and, first of all, I like that the character in the lobby is called Ubuntu :D

The game feels so fricking goooood!!! Buuuut, e.g., the lobby couuuld maybe look a bit friendlier and nicer, also differenciating to the rest of the rooms!

Your HP is a bit "hidden" in my opinion, so a bit difficult to see in the bottom right... Maybe put it in the top left or top-middle!

Slashing through the enemies already feels VERY cool BUT maybe reward the player when they killed an enemy?

oh and also the sfx could use some rework?

Overall an extremely juicy feeling, cool game!

First of all, this is the COOLEST WEBSITE I'VE EVER SEEN!

Second, the game has a cool and unique idea, however I don't think it comes across that easily yk? It is kinda difficult to move around easily without thinking about it (idk how to explain it... haha) and also dodging the enemies WHILE being super close to them!

An interesting approach to this problem could be to lower the radius of the enemies over time, so you start pretty big and it decreases as you play...

i'm gonna download it then :)

aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh i seeee!

i can't start it... a and b doesn't work :(


it doesn't load on the page :(

Pretty fun game! It would've been a bit more fun tho if you only had a full stomach for 30 seconds, then a couple of seconds to eat an enemy and then the cycle starts again. Also, the movement was a bit weird sometimes when you only press a key for a few milliseconds :)

Still gud gaem

The game feels very juicy and is extremely well-polished! However, I don't really get/see how the killing of the enemies affects the player…

it sometimes was a bit weird to place tiles, they placed underneath the buttons (i think this was just because there wasn't really an indicator for when the tile can be placed)

i think most of it wasn't buggy (sorry lol) just missed a couple of minor details like knowing where you can place a tile and what affects what... also i think it would've been better if you couldn't place tiles everywhere... just at the other tiles yk

this sounds like a lot of bad stuff but it isn't! its just mimimi stuff xD

Quite buggy at some times, but can be very addictive!

Where can I rate the game for LD?

Really nice game! but too spooky.

Idk why but I love the concept! However some things could be improved :)

nice concept, but some improvements could be made :)

Bowling = FUN

like actually

Thank you!

yo you had more than my highscore!

AAA Game, but too few CUBES

make a breathing simulator

Thanks for this amazing jam Vangsguard! Was fun to create the art and all.

haha thank you so much! I didn't have time to worry about the screen size and all of that so it's just like it is ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

thank you very much but unfortunately i didn't have enough time :(

wow that answer was fast xD

thank you very much! unfortunately i didn't have enough time :/

thanks. the "squiggles" were there to have an understanding of where the player is on the map

the outside collision of the level i forgot xD

thanks! the music distortion comes from the website. in the game engine everything sounded "fine"

thank you so much!

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Just got it to work! You can play in browser now!

I tried but Godot is very weird with exporting your project

I like the Idea and the art style but it's too hard because the keys are spread over the keyboard and not next to each other

Interesting game!