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Ran Q

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Omg i just saw this <3 xD

Thank you so much for your feedback

Thank you, glad you did ^-^

Good game, Amazing effort, loved the key part :D

nice graphics that was funny and weird 

Nice art, first time I feel bad for zombies 

Nice graphics

I got stuck between two worlds where i was trapped between walls only, it's a lovely game and nice idea though ^-^

Loved the idea xD that's something new

I wish it would restart automatically after you lose, Nice game!

That digital high five at the end xD

Cutest ART ^-^ Won all levels :D

WOW cool controls :D 

Laughed so much about the voice and story nice idea :D

Sadly the game doesn't work for me

Love the art and sound effects!

Love the pink character at the end :D

NICE game, love idea of flipping the words

I died a lot today xD that was fun :D

Sad I had some issues with the controls, your game looks cool though

Cool game dude, very challenging :D cute character

That was so cool, laughed at the key running away from you xD

OMG this is sooo cool, Loved it, it's funny as well xD

I wish it was more challenging, but nice game, cool idea

I couldn't die and the enemies wouldn't die too xD

Very well designed and challenging this needs more ratings

Wow amazing art

Nice, loved the idea of the boss at the end


The character is so cute, but please make a retry button

The character is so cute, but also too slow 

Love the jump and dash move :D good job

Love how deep this is <3 Love that I was in the same place where this piece of art got created :D

Loved it! I need someone to play it with though xD

That's a cool idea, took some time to understand it, felt amazing when I won :D

What a cool game, very smart, couldn't get any better, love the music too, it's suitable for it!

Cool idea!

Loved the sound effects xD good game

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