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Omg good job you won with all the bugs and errors that were there 😂 subscribed! 

Thanks man we appreciate your comment ✨

تاخد نجمة ماريو؟ 

Score 21 was my best, good game bad player xD

I love this xD reached lvl 3 !

Love the story and memes cool art! :D

Good game, well developed :D I WON!

nice game! my best score was 3 xD

Love it,  I reached the end !  reminded me of flappy bird

maybe panzer?

Welcome to the zbale shop, you sure you entered with your right foot though? Do you want Mario star instead of the broken sword? 

😂😂😂 I needed to hear this approval, thank you

Thanks XD I'm glad you liked it

Thanks man :D

thank you xD




awwh, I will try to make a web build :c 

thank you so much! thats the plan :D

Great idea :D

Good job I love it, love how calming it is

oh thank you so much for letting me know, I'll make sure i fix this later! :D

Thanks ^-^

My eyes hurt xD I love your game its really challenging

Thank you ^-^

Thats really cool xD

Thanks 😍

Good job guys! remember to use a better font for users to read it faster! (I think I made the same mistake in my game too) :D Love the story!

That was cool, love it

That was so cute, the art sounds and everything <3 :D

Amazing xD Love the art style

Thanks I will check your game out tomorrow 😍

Thanks a lot yes it did, I wanted to do more, will check your game tomorrow 😍


I'll take that as a compliment 😂😂😂😂


100% ta7sheesh

Omg i just saw this <3 xD