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On 1st quick test prior to game sound being added, it played fine on a slower Intel GPU. Had to use Alt F4 to quit game, then it restarted. See fast walking (run) is made possible by the shift key.  NICE game for  sure! :)   Newer version (61MB's) with fun audio works well. Once you quit it, by design, it "seemingly won't"  let you  replay beyond opening screen; only option seems is Quit... in keeping with the Jam theme, Delay the Inevitable.

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See yesterday posted version has order of rooms different. I admit got stuck in Diannara's room , #4 looking for the key. Not sure if in time  it opens door as understand PROJECTaroid room does allow you out if not solved puzzle in  few minutes. Serotta_cyclist

Nice foundational, fun,  game, earned over$60! Playfab authentication and mechanics work good! ..continued success with upgrades Lana!

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This game with its beautifully designed an colored main scene really drew me in to play. I was unsure where game was headed so played on!  No Spoilers, try it yourself and discover for yourself or about yourself?

Fun game play , the sound on Root can click is encouraging. Got stuck on first level puzzle. will try again. :)