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I don't know if you showcase high scores, but here's mine on each difficulty setting from Version 1.7:

I recall cheating a little, but I didn't cheat to survive any of the fights. Not even against the Mancubi-like monsters in the last level on Psychotic. Jesus, their fireballs are so fast...

My only critique is that the final boss is the exact same on all difficulty settings, though that could of been intentional.

I'm playing it now and I've reached Level 5. It's one wacky game alright, complete with sound effects from Spider Solitare XP, Spyro the Dragon, and possibly more. 

The only things I don't really like is that it's on ZDoom and not GZDoom, and the only stat you can see is the Secrets, not the Monsters or Items. But it's your mod, so you make what you want, however you want.

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Great game! Here's my walkthrough video.