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Random Robin

A member registered Oct 29, 2020

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It was short but it got me good. Happy Halloween!

Perfect Game to celebrate Halloween with. It looked and felt good to play.

I love situations with rogue AI and I love visual novels so this game does alot for me haha. I also like the darker turn it takes :) Happy Halloween

Short but scary for people with a fear of snakes. Also looking forward to Choo-Choo Charles.

 Happy Halloween!

I like the idea of demonic Dora haha. Anyway good game :) Happy Halloween

The game is good although I couldnt get past the cat. 

Even though i had an idea when it was gonna happen i still got scared haha. awesome stuff

this was fun. actually spooked me a couple times :)

I played this and the 2nd Doghouse. As short as they are I enjoyed them :)

I enjoyed the game. Felt on edge the whole time

I like how i can kind of build the monster.

I am very excited for the full release of this game :) 

this is both the best and worst looking sonic game ever and i love it 

Ive been playing :) and already love it 

Me and my friend tried it out. We had fun and got scared lol. Unfortunately however we could not escape the fog. 

I did a stream of the game awhile ago and had a blast. got so powerful my game almost crashed lol 

Me and a friend both played it for a video. We made it a race and had alot of fun. definitely a better version of buff impostor

I look forward to this :) so far i love your games :)

Its a short but fun game. I enjoyed it :) 

I like how it feels like a cuter space invaders. Happy easter :) 

My highest score was 49. I had fun playing though.

i tried to buy the game but it said error yet i still got charged for it. please explain 

I had fun with it :) praise the Pigeon God lol

I gave it a try and i enjoy whats happening so far. I look forward to more :) 

I enjoyed this game very much. 

I gave it a try and I enjoyed it. I look forward the completed version. With how crazy the world is i imagine development has been slowed but i know its worth the wait. 

I enjoyed it quite alot. 

i gave it a try

I tried the game. Its good but definitely challenging haha. 

I'm glad you enjoyed the video. And I look forward to seeing more games from you. Also thank you for making a fun game :)

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I gave it a try and i enjoyed it. very well done. I look forward to more. 

Thank you.

A short experience but i enjoyed it. 

I had fun :) 

i gave it a try i enjoyed it greatly

This was a good spooky experience. I'm glad it was part of my Halloween celebration

I enjoyed this game and tried 4 more of your games as well in my Halloween celebration I look forward to playing more

This was a crazy experience but i enjoyed it. 

I enjoyed it. It was a spooky experience. 

I just played it. As usual from all the games ive seen from Yames its amazing.