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ah that makes sense, now that I think about it

It's sad to see that this game is dead. Anyone know why? Just curious.

how do I get Annie to sell me the cum tank

How do I get vials of cum and get into the orc village

How do I use the gallery? It just has the idle animations

Quick question, does my perversion have to be at a certain point to do the drunk comedy

How do I get faster for the 2nd stuck in the wall event

Hey thanks

How do I start the stuck in wall event

oh I'm stupid

For the streetwhore mission, it says get the outfit from the tailor but everytime I talk to him there isn't an option for the outfit

House Chores community · Created a new topic Sex scenes

So I'm on mobile and the sex scenes don't play it's just a black screen. Any reason why? Also if this has been asked and answered I apologize.

How do I unlock the drunk stage comedy scene at the bar

Hi, when I downloaded this on Android I went to install it but it said I couldn't be installed? Do you maybe know why it didn't? If you don't that's ok

As the topic suggests how do I toggle low quality mode on Android

Alright  thank you for helping!

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no android

It keeps crashing when I go back to greenhaven with Suki.

I was thinking about buying this game on my phone but the android link says that it may be harmful to my phone. Is this true?