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I must be blind because I have skip mode on and don't see a + or -

Ok thanks for letting me know

House Chores community · Created a new topic Anal content

Is there going to be any anal content? I'm curious? It doesn't matter if there isn't, I'll still play the game.

is there any cheat to add perversion or do I have to do that manually.

Is there a way to use cheats on android?

but how do I get the inn scene? I've followed the walkthrough but can't get it. Unless I missed a step

What are all the cuckold options to get the cuckold ending? 

Is this game completed?

Stupid question but how do I save

Where do you find katheryn

Im playing as Lucy and hanging out with her co worker but she asks me to get alcohol and i dont know what to do

no I'm not stuck anymore 

House Chores community · Created a new topic Emily's quest

So I put the orbs, from left to right, green, yellow, blue, and red but nothing happens. What am I doing wrong 

Anyone else having the mobile version freeze on the enterprises screen

ah that makes sense, now that I think about it

It's sad to see that this game is dead. Anyone know why? Just curious.

how do I get Annie to sell me the cum tank

How do I get vials of cum and get into the orc village

How do I use the gallery? It just has the idle animations

Quick question, does my perversion have to be at a certain point to do the drunk comedy

How do I get faster for the 2nd stuck in the wall event

Hey thanks

How do I start the stuck in wall event

oh I'm stupid

For the streetwhore mission, it says get the outfit from the tailor but everytime I talk to him there isn't an option for the outfit

House Chores community · Created a new topic Sex scenes

So I'm on mobile and the sex scenes don't play it's just a black screen. Any reason why? Also if this has been asked and answered I apologize.

How do I unlock the drunk stage comedy scene at the bar

As the topic suggests how do I toggle low quality mode on Android

Alright  thank you for helping!

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no android

It keeps crashing when I go back to greenhaven with Suki.

I was thinking about buying this game on my phone but the android link says that it may be harmful to my phone. Is this true?