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It's absolutely amazing that The Final Pin is going strong at #3 on popular! @JordiboiCL is an AMAZING young dev!

I am the voice of Bill and had a BLAST recording for this!

The Final Pin | Voice Actor Playthrough | Random Scary Games

Okay.. This was interesting, but sadly some of the parts take away from the rest of the game. Really, really wish the checkpoint at the beginning of the house could have been put in front of the stairs instead. 

The GETTING OVER IT Of SpongeBob Fan Games |
Random Scary Games

Took awhile to find and even needed some help, but very very well done! Very enjoyable for such a simple game!

Horror Game About Driving A Bus | The Devils Route ALL ENDINGS | Random Scary Games

Was some good things.. but alot of things that made me question what the heck I was playing this for. 

Overly loud jumpscares just for the sake of them, to not ad any quality to a game. 

This Was A Really Really Weird One..
Indie Horror Game About The Movie TED | Random Scary Games

This game got me SOOOO many times!

Terrifying House Scares Me #shorts

Hi! I am RandomPlanet and I voice the friendly Bill!

Had a BLAST recording for this! @JordiboiCL is an AMAZING young dev!
The Final Pin | Voice Actor Playthrough | Random Scary Games

NGL, this got me GOOOD a couple times!

Wolves In The Darkness | Night People | Random Scary Games 

First game in video, and damn did it have some parts, even though it was VERY hard to figure out directions to go at times. 
Liked what I saw, but 100% think if there is a single hit death mechanic, then making the monsters bullet sponges in tight quarters with many coming takes away from the game a bit. 

3 Random Scary Games #9

Game #2 in the Video. 
Cleaning mechanic was a little bit.. off. 
But got it done once. Scary Atmosphere!

3 Random Scary Games #9

LOL Well, game number 3 in the video.. 
And it made me chuckle for sure haha.

3 Random Scary Games #9


Had a ton of fun with this one!
Allowing Bender to Kill All Humans haha. 
Love that you added weapon storage, secret posters and more to this one!

Bender K1LL$ Planet Express | Random Scary Games

I figured it out towards the end, but that ending in itself made my chuckle haha. 

Don't Trust It | The Prototype | Random Scary Games

Just goes to show how much fun we had with this game!

I Voice Acted In A Horror Game! #shorts #TheFinalPin 

Going LIVE Now! So Excited!
I Was A VA For This GAME | The Final Pin FULL
@JordiboiCL #TheFinalPin

Getting through any issues and will edit and drop a full video with VA reaction! Thanks for playing this amazing project!

Had a blast finally playing this, definitely gonna try the others too! 

Midnight Scenes | The Highway | Random Scary Games

Got me a COUPLE times. And damn, that ending was not easy to find. 

SCP-173 Copycat | The Duck Psychology Demo | Random Scary Games

And Finally for those of you that are simply Mel fans
Part 3/3

The Red Valley Reaper 3 #shorts #ToSwatAFly

Continuing for those of you that are simply Mel Fans
Part 2/3

The Red Valley Reaper 2 #shorts #ToSwatAFly

For those of you that are simply Mel Fans.. Part 1/3

The Red Valley Reaper 1 #shorts #ToSwatAFly

This and the demo are hands down one of the best game experiences I have ever had in indie horror. Cannot wait to delve into this when it comes out in full release!

Scary Alien Game | They Are Here Prologue | Random Scary Games

Like the tones that this presents. Also, the idea of her own 'god' was a cool spin. Will be super cool to see what you make in the future! 

NEVER In Control | To Swat A Fly | Random Scary Games 

This was ABSOLUTELY NUTS! I have another one coming out for the Prologue soon!

They Are Coming To Take You Away |
They Are Here Demo | Random Scary Games 


Cannot Believe This Actually Got Me LOL
I Got Jumpscared By An Anime Girl #shorts 

Very impressed with the gameplay, even got me on a creepy jumpscare moment LOL Loving the Yandere Sim/Doki Doki vibes I am seeing here! Cannot wait to play through the full release! I ended up getting 100% on the limited achieves too, by beating her in the video game!

HEAVY Yandere Sim / Doki Doki Vibes!
My Anime Girlfriend Abducted Me | MiSide Demo | Random Scary Games

Not a speedrun, but had a blast playing this and hope to see more from the dev on this! More days, maps or more and this would be a cool game!

One Night As Freddy #shorts #fnf 

Had some fun with this.. would be interested if you decided to do more nights, or different stages as well! 

I AM FREDDY | One Night As Freddy | Random Scary Games

Mom really doesn't like us. 

Never Trust The Stranger #shorts 

I Sure Say OMG Alot LOL


Man, there was one moment that got me GOOD haha. Loved that there were different ways to end!

Stranger Danger 
| Mom's Tent (All Endings) | Random Scary Games

Man.. I never got my coffee. 

I Just Wanted Coffee | SOMETHING IN THE WOODS | Random Scary Games

Mr Krabs Goes Crazy #shorts #spongebob

This was a fun one, reminded me of Henry Stickman like crazy lol

Really Enjoying Getting Back To Indie Games!

One Evil Printer | George And The Printer | Random Scary Games 

Man.. I Do Not Come Out Of This Looking Sane

Ned Flanders K1LL$ The Simpsons #shorts

I liked the style! PS1 but not hurting your eyes with all the static snowfall that most of them do, and was a cool new telling of 096. Creepy and wonder if there was any way to get away, further then I got!

SCP 096 Is TERRFYING | Shadows of Timidity | Random Scary Games

That chase was suspenseful!

DON'T LOOK AT SCP-096 #shorts

There is so much story packed into just a couple mins.  Thank you for making this. Looks great. Only wish I would have turned the volume up a bit, because at 100 it was still very soft. 

Don't Ever Give Up | Decadence | Random Scary Games

This had me laughing and cringing at the same time haha. Love it. 3rd game I have played of yours!

Ned Flanders K1LL$ The Simpsons | Random Scary Games

Tell Me A Bedtime Story | Full Release v1.0


Thanks to Greasy Paint for sending this over to me to play early! 

Make sure to go check this out! Its their first full game!

This game evoked the strongest emotional reaction I have ever had to a game. Made a 39 year old adult father cry like he hasn't cried in ages. Thank you. 
Thank you for creating the game that finally got all that out that needed to get out. I revisited this recently.. and it still made this now 40 year father cry. 

This game is more theraputic then I think the dev intended. 

This Game is Emotional Damage - Goodnight Meowmie

Tell Me A Bedtime Story | Full Release v1.0


Thanks to Greasy Paint for sending this over to me to play early! 

Make sure to go check this out! Its their first full game!