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Random Person

A member registered Nov 03, 2022

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Really fun game, I got stuck on Lilipads but was able to get through it. Great game all around and really fun to play. 10/10 would play again :)

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Question, In the preview images for the game it shows some animations, Are they a special feature or something else? I'm just wondering.

Honestly, I like it. A fun little game to play with a real nice artstyle. 10/10

Pretty good, I would agree, keep up the work it's good.

This game is nice. I always liked side scrolling shooters, and the visuals look nice. A solid 9/10 also the smooth jazz is nice :)

I already did, that's why I said that's cool

I did.

The Demo is really good, I like it.

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There is a Golden Freddy? I thought this game didn't have it, that's cool.