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Hey, so over all l liked the game. The player movement feels really good you have a few diffrent enemies, which i also really liked, as well as the light you use in the room.

I gotta say tho that you keep the colors contrast very near eachother. You have a brown bench and the brown ground looks so similair, that i kept on thinking it was the ground, as i tried shooting the enemy. The bullets did not reach, because i was shooting the bench.

The enemies do have diffrent kinds of damage points, but i would not add an enemy which one hits me, unless i would only add one of them. They are fast and sometimes spawn with 4 at once.

The spiders are a bit fast, but they do not damage so much and can therefor give you a good scare. You did a good job with making the spiders! I would also say,  the ghosts are made very well, they follow you and slowly drain your life!

But maybe make the zombies take over not too much healt, maybe 3 zombie hits instead of 2.

The pixel art you did looks nice, but maybe add more than one broken tile to the scene it can be a bit much. Maybe add two or four diffrent broken once and one good one.

It can also be very nice to add breakable crates or boxes, which contain hearts or nothing, just for the fun of it.

Now getting Feedback, does not mean you have to take over everything i just said, but if i said somethings you agree with you could take them and change your game based on these intakes. When i started making games i always got the feeling i need to adjust everything they said. But your game is actually fun, these are just some points to make it even more fun. 

l want to see you grow.

This is like crazy good :0

this is exactly my tought!

Hey i noticed after replaying your game, that if i jump and hit the ground, but still have space pressed, he spams the jump animation while being stuck on the ground. This goes on until i let go of the button.

Haha the game is very hilariouse!!

Haha Thanks! I want to remake the game after the jam! I have a few ideas on how to make it more visible to the player which objects are in the way in which aren't, so the player won't have to only look at the shadows :)

Thanks! I played your game! It's really good for your first game :) it also does the theme really well!

Should I change it to a zip? so you can play it without having gms2?

If you open gms2 on the top left of the Window, there should be an icon and it looks like an arrow pointing into a box. It says "Create Executable", if you press on it you can make an .dmg or .zip (I can open .zip , but not .dmg (but others can)). Those are two ways to change your game into something playable for ppl who don't have gms2. You won't be able to do so if you didn't buy gms2.

If you go into gms2, then go onto the top left of your screen ( should be around the top of your screen somewhere) go to File and then Export game into a YYZ , then I should be able to open it with gms2.

But you can only make the game able for either Mac or Windows ( or others) depending on where you actually change the game into an Executable.

Also if you play on Mac, there is a chance that you can't start it, after changing into an Executable.

If that's the case you need to do these steps each time you create a new project:

1. go to Game Settings in your gms2 window (top left of the window) on Mac

3.There is a boy for Game Name and so on. There should be a box for "Signing Identifyer", make sure to leave the box blank, ears everything written in it and safe.

If you have any questions at all about gms2, I can't say know everything, but I could help you if you need anything.

If you didn't buy it, just send me yyz and I change it for you.

I hope I could help in any way!

Sincerely just a random human!

Nah it's okay! Looking forward to playing after the voting!

Thanks for the feedback! I watched the video! I'm gonna work on it after the game jam!

Hey there! 

I think you made your game with gms2? I don't think anyone can open this game.

I can't even open it with gms2. myself. 

Tho l could open it, if it would be .yyz.

Any other way to test your game?

Sincerely just a random Human!

This actually sounds really good! I've just used some papers and the clue box to sort them out a little.

Also, I would love to see another murder mystery sometime. It was really a whole lot of fun!

I got it right the first try, but to be honest after talking to everyone I did took a while checking my notes to see who it was.

I really liked this game and even tho you guys said there is nothing in the woods I still checked it out and can confirm..

..there is nothing in the woods.

Anyways! This was a funny short game or longer, depending on the player.

The art style is really nice and the music fits perfectly and gives the whole game a creepy vibe. The whole atmosphere gave me a feeling of having to be on my toes, to watch out.

(literally, my cat just sitting next to me and starring into my soul. She ran to my gf and now she stares at me again.. why??)

I'm looking forward on playing more games from you!

just a random human!