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No worries, just making sure 

Is there NSFW or sexual content in this VN?

I'm considering giving this a try but first I have to know, is there NSFW content?

Hey sorry to bother you again but I'm curious about when we can expect any form of update to this game.  I dont mean to be rude, I just really look forward to exploring this VN some more when its possible 

Thank you so so much for the swift response.  I'm happy to hear that this VN has a future ahead of it and while I may needy to think about it some more, I'm considering becoming a Patreon subscriber, I'm inpatient when it comes to good stories and I don't mind paying a bit to get them sooner ;)  Have a wonderful weekend!

I have to ask something that might sound a bit strange, I also want you to know that I don't as this to be critical, sarcastic, or negative in any way.  I just want to know how seriously you are commited to creating this VN and seeing it through.  I've enjoyed it so far don't get me wrong, and from what I've seen I believe that it has enormous potential, so much so that I'm seriously considering becoming a Patreon subscriber.  But, as a broke college student, I want to know how commited you are to updating this VN consistently before I spend money.  Again I'm not asking this to be confrontational or rude, and I apologize profusely if it comes across as such, but I just really would like to know before I get invested too far.

Will there still be other NSFW images and/or scenes in future content and builds?

Also is it true that this new build gets rid of NSFW content?

Will this new build have new content?

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Afetr doing some pondering I have come to the realization that some of my previous comments may have been unintentionally laced with a tone of anger and accusation towards the author of this wonderful VN.  I wish to personally apologize to the author for my previous posts and I hope that they can find it in their heart to forgive me for this mistep of mine.  I truly do enjoy this VN and I was dissapointed by its delay, but that is no excuse of how acted in the commented section of this page.  If the author, Kael Tiger, reads this I am truly sorry for my previous comments regarding the delays and I hope that both you and the fanbase as a whole can move past this period of negativity.

So if I joined that tier of subscription I would immediately have access to build 0.32 ?

How much earlier if I may ask?

The only thing that bothers me is the lack of communication, I'd be fine with the updates and builds being further apart if they had a set and determined release date.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE this VN and I think it has incalculable amounts of charm and potential, but at the same time it just feels like nothings happening where it counts, which is progressing this story and characters.  I understand that the author is going through a rough patch and I sympathize immensely with that, but I also feel that the least they could do is to be honest vocal and tell us when its going to be delayed or take more time.

If I get the five dollar Patreon membership for this game, do I get early access to builds and updates before they're released here?

Look, in my opinion the additional last minute delay is only a small part of the reason why I'm personally upset and annoyed at the author.  It's more the lack of communication and transparency that makes me feel kind of disrespected, especially as a paying Patreon member.

Damn it,  well I appreciate you clearing that up for me 

It means To Be Announced 

Just so I have all my bases covered, where and when did Kael say that the update was going to be released today?

I was tempted at first to downvote your posts, but the more I read them and mulled them over the more I have to say I begrudgingly agree with you in a way.  These constant back to back delays are starting to get ridiculous.  This doesn't mean that I don't absolutely adore this VN or that I don't sympathize with the author's personal struggles and challenges.  To be clear the absolute LAST thing I want is for the author to give up on this VN because I feel that it has oceans of potential, but maybe the current system of developing it just isn't working.  Sorry for the tangent, had a lot of emotions on my mind surrounding this additional delay and I needed to give them voice.

Thanks for the speedy update, I look forward to trying this VN out 

Sorry must have missed it, thanks for the help though 

I know, but personally I'm not ruling anything out just yet 

What are all these posts about August 10th?  Is that when he has confirmed that a new public build update will be released?

Are you certain?  Because there's been an awful amount of flirting and teasing with Vulgor ;)

I really don't mean to sound rude when I ask this so I am very sorry if it comes across as such but... is this VN still alive and active?  I just have to know before I let myself get too invested in it.

Thank you so much, I think I understand how he's developing it now

Holy shit, the way Jayce's childhood abuse was shown literally brought me to tears, I came here for furries and pop culture references and I left with some major feels 

I've been a relatively longtime fan of this VN, but I'm still confused about some of it since its undergone so many tweaks.  Mainly how many routes there are and how many days are finished for each of those routes, can anyone please help me out?

Thank you so much for explaining that, I must have missed that on his posts. 

Hey does anyone know what's happening with the artist?  He posted on Twitter about something happening that really upset him, but he didn't go into detail.  I'm just curious if this event is what's contributing to the build delays 

So excited!!!!!!!

Good to hear, just wanted to be sure 

I might be chronically stupid but, is that a no its not dead?

Yes Sir!!! ;)

Please don't take this the wrong way but, is this VN still alive?

Is this VN still alive?

Thanks, any idea when the full game or just more of it will be accessible? 

How do we access the full game? I'm willing to pay for it but I don't know how

Is Axel's route available yet?