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the one that's up now. I got the PC and Linux one

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nope, it just, doesn't happen. Which is so weird. Like it'll just make me go to Cream's route 

HI sorry for bothering you about this here, but I couldn't seem to find any other way to ask.

Will April was a Fool and other projects be moved here as well? The website breaks everytime I visit. And this is my go to place to remember and replay games!



I liked it

NICE! To all those out there, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND playing through all routes!

It's very rare for me personally to do this, but I enjoyed the game so much that I didn't mind going through the story again and again, especially since each playthrough towards a different route revealed more and more about the story.

A lot of combing through must've been done just to make sure one secret in another route didn't accidentally spill into the other! 

can't get to cotton's route, even when following guide. 

I think it's because you agreed with the other Mike? I choose all the options opposite from what the other Mike said, and then when the only options were to 'tell the truth' or 'lie' I clicked truth.

Funny. Cute. Nice. The only dating sim I've aced in the first play-through! 

Don't worry man! You go person! *cheer cheer*

I can't WAIT for the games release! But of course I will! Wait that is. You know, for the game to release *reads next chapter in the How to Cheer guide*

I hope you get SUPER TONS OF ENERGY!!! 

You Can Do It!