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Man, one hilariously overpowered combo is the hell portal with a tax accountant, since the Hell Portal summons Hell Hounds, which do more damage the more are around. I got it like, first stage so I could abuse this early on, and the tax accountant only increases their damage even more, so badabingbaddaboom, an entire grid of hellhounds can shred a bos

I shall give a hint, in the form of a riddle
I burrow deep underground, long away from anyone else
I have my own kingdom to myself
Just one of me can spread to hundreds of roots
Trying to get rid of me will require gardening gear and boots.
What am I?

Well, with the farmhand, I've mostly figured out what to do with the food and shovel, but not quite gloves. Perhaps I could get a small hint on what to do

Let's see, beginning skill where you can fire off at all directions, being able to having an arrow that can pierce through enemies, having a chance to fire twice aka the big arrow, and generally high crit chance with a lot of skills revolving around crits and such. I do know that it got to a fun sort of hectic where even though so much was happening, I still had tools to manage it all, and keep the flow going.

I find the game fun, it feels fun to be able to snowball to epic proportions in late game.

I made it to endless mode...finally.

I beat all of the levels

Can attest to it

Imma say this now, the grapple hook kinda lets you cheese the game by going through walls. Yeah, you can keep grapple hooking and get out of a wall as well.

You do have to go through more steps to make it. 
Alright, so, you need clay, which is made from sand and water. You heat it up to make a clay pot. Then, you need a plant, which is made from dirt and water, or a whole number of other combinations. Then, after that, you get plantar, which you then add water to, to get a flower.

Being able to get the see enemies crystal really intensified the anxiety, but it was a rush. What I got is that two monkeys will charge towards you, two will try to cut you off, you have to plan around that.

I can now say, I am LITERATE
Also, I guess a bit of a cheat sheet 

Circle changes everything around it, square with circle changes one based on what the other one next to it is the shape of,  lines forming a cross changes shape of the one that targeted it, the chalice with circles around it changes everything in its row, lines forming a right angle change 3 shapes, and the square with triangle seems to do the same thing as the cross. Hope this helps for others to understand, it is still very tough to make it work even with that information

I am gonna break my mental sanity with nightmare breakout but I will prevail

Can't seem to figure out ending 6...anyone can help?

Well...I did it

Well....I've complete it today as well, took me maybe an hour or two?