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Phantom Kill Verse

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why the fuck are  her arms so stubby

add first person option

and an option to make the player have less physics or more physics 

very much so 

modeus best waifu

best and only waifu

modeus is best waifu



game s good 10/10 would play again

legit i though it was the thing from 1982 and 2011 

hey steve i have a name for this game! 

its Called
FPS Physics

yeah I love the Game and all but Can you please Add stairs and make the bed's allow you to sleep in them and I think there should be a book  to show what you can craft and can you fix the crafting bug its a bug where  I can't craft anything and the door bug where the door doesn't work

thank you for reading

this game is not for my little sister
1 she loves unicorn's

2 she doesn't know how to play games (sometimes which is sad) 

can you tell me why you removed the bridge map

hey good thing I just installed the App and the Downloads wont Crash!

ah  so you make your own marble ran with sheeps and its 3d cool

I know its very crappy and only made it when i was 10

one question when I try downloading your games they always seem to crash during the downloading  can you please help me what to do