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I understand the first area - popping the growths with the vines. The second (I think) is gathering the hummingbirds. The third has something to do with the Owl/Squirrels, the fruit trees, the other creatures that eat fruit, and the tent-plants. I can't figure out areas two and three. nor do I know if there's any areas past that. Anyone have any advice?

I don't understand this game. What do I do? How do I play? I understand the controld but what do the different names mean? I know that Air Pocket is for air, and Ion Mines are for power, but what is my end goal? What am I looking for? Did I miss a tutorial or something?

Do we ever learn who the mole is?

Hi there! I followed the walkthrough to get Vonn's Neutral Ending, but I still got the Bad Ending. Is this a glitch or something? Has this happened to anyone else or just me?